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Argh! Know-it-all Doctors! Bloody ""fit"" notes!

JeremyKitten: ""I want to go back to work""

Doctor: ""We'll see about that... [reads notes on computer] Ah yes. A teacher. Do me a favour - go out of the office, walk up and down the stairs twice and come back.""

[JeremyKitten complies]

Doctor: ""Now read this page aloud.""

Innovative, yes? Suffice to say, I failed. In an epic fashion. I am not ""fit"" to teach because I cannot read aloud after minor exertion.

All of which means I'm not returning to work for the forseeable future. Turns out there is another infection in there, as well as probably some residual damage from the big attack two weeks ago. Not a happy bunny.

On antibiotics again and feeling completely useless. All of which means that because I ignored the warning signs and ended up in an ambulance getting very poorly, I will have been off work a total of 4.5 weeks. Ugh.

Anyone else take this long to recover??

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HI Jeremykitten2

it can take a few weeks get your lungs to settle from inflamation etc,

take it easy and see how you are after your 7 week summer brake.

we brake up on the 23 july for 7 weeks.

rest up and take it easy .

love Glynis xxxx


Before I went on sick longterm I would have 2 weeks here 3 weeks there off sick it was only after my 3rd ICU addmission that my con decided work was not doing me any favours I was a carer and team leader and maual handling teacher I was devestated as I loved my job I did the same job for 16 years and have been on the sick since 21st november 2006 my con has told me he has no plans to take me off the sick anytime soon. Ive got fingers crossed you get back to work but your health comes 1st not your teaching harsh but true you take care and speedy recovery


Was off for 5 months since going back to work. Sick time still occurrs longest stint 3.5 weeks without a sick day shortest stint 1 day then back off work. Tho hard just gotta do wot the body disctates at the moment and by god the lungs giving me hell and Beaen off 3 weeks


With my absence record, another set of dates is the last thing I need (on a temporary contract).

...but at least my knitted patchwork blanket is taking shape!

Sending nice air to everyone - mother is taking me to the seaside for a week. :o)


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