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Hidden Disabilities

Hi there, I am a final year Product Design student at The Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen. For my final year project i am looking at unseen medical conditions or hidden disabilities such as Diabetes, Epilepsy and Asthma. As i am also a sufferer of type 1 Diabetes this is an area i have a keen interest in.

My project is aimed at increasing awareness amongst the general public regarding such conditions so that in the event of an emergency they would be more equipped to help. This could be a device worn by the user, a teaching aid or simply a way of better communicating information to the public.

i have compiled a quick online survey and would ppreciate if you could have a look if you have the time.

Here is the link


Neal Calder

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Ive filled it in for you Neal but one point the first question I coulda done with being able to tick several of them but have had to do it via other!

Many people here have more than one hidden illness - just a little point Neal - GOOD LUCK!


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