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Hospital help

Hi all,

I am new to the forum but not to asthma. I have had asthma since I was 13 and I am now 32. My asthma has been bad for the last 4 years and I have been under a doctor at my local hospital as they cannot find the right medication for me. I have tried all sorts of different medications. I am now on Flexitide through my neb and 8 x 5ml of preg for the last 3 months plus indigestion tablets, anti histamines, ventalin and aminophyline. As my asthma is not getting any better the doctor wants me to go into hospital for 5 day. I only really have attacks in the middle of night. Can anyone help? Have you gone into hospital for observation and felt fine when you come home, then had a bad attack once at home? Does anyone think this will help me?

I don't like hospitals anyway and my temp and heart rate goes up. Please any help would be great.



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When I've been unwell for large periods of time ( I was unwell most of last summer) I have ended up going in via clinic in order to be observed and stabilised when they felt that I was too tired to cope at home and that I was on the edge of a big splat (attack) anyway. It was the middle of the first night when I was admitted. It gave the drs a chance to see what my attacks were like. It definitely helped me to gain more control. I was changed from oral Aminophylline and Pred onto IV hydrocortisone and aminophylline. I did in the space of a week gain more control over my asthma and medications were changed about. I got a couple of months of stability after this and was able to reduce pred.

If the intention is similar to that of my consultants on that admission then I think it might be worth a try . They will be able to have a really thorough look at treatment whilst you are in and by having a break from everyday life it might give you a chance to get a grasp of things. It was definitely the right decision for me, even if it isn't for everybody,



ps are you sure the temperature increase in hospital isnt just because of overheating? I find I get very hot in hospital.



I was asked back last October to go for an observational stay in hospital but for 2 weeks, I subsequently refused because he was a new consultant to me (usual one was away), my usual cons when he came back actually said to me there was no real point of me going in as I was being admitted via my GP almost every 6-8 weeks as it was with quite bad attacks. But it is different for everyone, if you feel it would benefit you then there is no harm in going in, but my decision not to go in was made with the support of my GP and asthma nurse, I did not refuse on my own.

I was started on Flixotide nebs too,just because I am too steroid dependant and my Cons wanted me to see if by going on Flixotide nebs would help me reduce the oral pred, but unfortunately they did not agree with me as they kept sending my throat into spasm so my GP made he decision to stop them which is a shame as i was able to try and reduce the pred, albeit very slowly, but I was getting I have to go onto methotrexate to reduce the pred.

Sorry couldn't be of anymore help......




I'm really sorry your asthmas so rubbish at the moment, I think it would be a good idea to go in for the five days as you'd have nothing to loose if things don't change but the doctors might find something or be able to help get you some controll back, so I think you might aswell give it a go!

I am sometimes addmitted by my consultant to try and get things better controlled if I'm having a rough patch, or if he feels its time for a change of meds, its always much better than being rushed in in a emergency when the doctors are conncerned about the here and now rather than your long term controll!

Anyways I say go for it!

Best of luck in what ever you choose to do - keep us posted! ally x



It sounds like it's whats needed to help control things.

I've been admitted hundreds of times in emergencys and have felt rotten about being in hospital. I've also been admitted a few times for medication adjustment/ observation. I've only been an asthmatic for 8 years and it is only now it seems better controlled. My consultant has tried everything over the years but now seems to have found the right mix.Everyone is different and everyones asthma is different, there are so many different medicines out there it takes a while to get the right mix.

I think you'll feel differently going into hospital when your not acutely ill, think of it as a holiday!! (it's miserable weather anyway). Take a good book, DS, laptop lay back an enjoy. Get you friends and relatives to bring in food ( as the food is often rubbish).

You never know this may be whats needed to get you better controlled, and if it works it will be worth it.

Good luck

Truly x


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