Asthma and Sports/Exercising

I am studying Product Design at University and currently researching for a project. I have been looking into the problems with using inhalers whilst exercising and playing sports and how it can be improved. I myself am an asthmastic and have found it annoying having to interupt my exercising to to find my inhaler and use it. I was wondering if anyone else has these kind of problems and what are peoples thoughts and opinions on this matter.

Any comments or opinions would be appreciated.

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  • Ooo this sounds interesting, I have asthma with exercise being a big trigger and find it a pain to carry around. I got a 'puffapouch' which comes on a string to put around your neck, but when you run it bounces around and gets annoying. I also find it faffy trying to hold onto the mouthpiece cover while taking my inhaler while struggling for breath, I had an easy-breathe where the cover is attached, this was great but didn't get on with the inhaler, a normal MDI with a hinged fixed mouthpiece cover would be great.

    Good luck with the project xxx

  • EIA is one of my problems but my lifestyle dictates that conventional inhalers would get lost or left behind and so I use a sportshaler, best thing I ever found and can't fault or think how it could be improved.

  • Just googled the sportshaler, it looks great, where did you get yours from?

  • here make sure you pick the version with the holder, clips to shorts, top etc. I even clip it to a water bottle at the pool with an elastic band

  • I can't use MDI inhalers as the propellant irritates my lungs, so I use the Ventolin accuhaler instead. I enjoy swimming but I worry about taking my inhaler to the poolside as being a dry powder inhaler I worry about getting it wet. So I guess waterproof cases for dry powder inhalers would be useful.

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