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Is there anything else I can try?


Ive had asthma all my life - I was growing out of it until I moved to another part of the country and it came back 10-fold. Ive managed to keep it controlled and am a competitive athlete.

I started with a dry cough last week so I took more Ventolin and continued as normal with my preventer. I went to my gp on Monday after my family nagged me all weekend, who said it was viral but 24 hours later I developed a chesty cough, headache, high temp, a cold, sore throat and ear ache. The cough is really nasty and I cant sleep or eat anything without violently coughing. Im taking both preventer and reliever and over the counter cough medicines but nothing is touching it. Ive had to stop training in my sport as if I get too hot, I violently cough too. Im getting very frustrated now and am starting to have feelings of shame like when I was a kid.

Any ideas on anything I can try?

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Hi rainbow girl, Sorry to hear you are poorly. If you have a high temperature it may be that the viral infection has turned into a chest or ear bacterial infection. The best thing to do is go back to your GP asap and get checked out. Good luck and I hope things improve for you.


Hi Rainbowgirl,

I am sorry to read that you are suffering.

I do hope you start to feel better soon


Hi Rainbow girl.

sorry your having a bad time at the moment ,

i would deff go see your doc or asthma nurse for a meds review,

Have you got a peak flow meter?

you might have a chest infection also.

good luck and hope feel better soon.

love Glynis xxx


rainbow girl,

Have you tried hiring your bed with books under the head side so you are propped up ?

works better that pillows and no stiff neck.

ice polls are good for inflamation down your throat.

Make sure you wash your mouth out after meds and get a spacer if you haven not got one xxxx

love Glynis xxx


HI Rainbow Girl. Sounds as if you've been having a bad time and I hope you're taking everyone's advice and going to the GP about the cough - it does sound as if you need antibiotics.

Have a big hug, and listen hard. You don't need to feel ashamed when you're not well. You are coping with a difficult and often frightening condition and sometimes it wins a bit and you get a cough and can't breathe properly. But you fight back and sometimes you win and you go training and compete in athletics events. Every time you go out to train or compete you're a winner and you need to be proud of what you achieve.

Hope you feel better soon.



Thanks everyone for your replies.

After a ton of nagging and being banned from training, I managed to hold off 10 days before returning to my gp. PF was down even more than last time but lungs seemed okay until I started coughing which alerted my gp. Got 7 days antibiotics now then got to go to asthma clinic.

I always ""play down"" anything connected to my asthma but after having my family and best friend all gang up on me - I went back. I get shaky just thinking about going near the doctors and am reduced to tears before I go through pure fear of doctors so I found ways of hiding the increasingly getting worse symptoms from people around me! After nearly 3 weeks, I was beginning to agree with my family and friends.

Thank you all so much and will try some of the ideas on my road back to full strength again.


Hi there,

You know my mother has that problem too with doctors, and she's found that seeing one of the nurses works better for her as it doesn't scare her as much. It was just a thought that I hope you might find helpful.

Take care,



Weirdly enough Im worse around nurses!!! I think its to do with when I was a kid and I remember having to go to the doctors and noone ever telling me what was going to happen and thinking I was in danger when a doctor or nurse was listening to my lungs etc. I got new doctors 3 years ago when I moved and I have found I dont feel as threatened so maybe I will grow out of it!

Think I may take the easy route out as I have been left with severe rib pain from 3 weeks of coughing and its been weeks so I think I will go to the team medic instead. All I know is I can only do certain things at training and the main important stuff I cant do due to my equipment. Im trying to avoid it as I know what the worst case scenario is and if that is the case then my hopes of competing in Nationals is gone out the window. Ignorance is bliss..... Antibiotics did their jobs though and I feel loads better!

Thank you to all who replied, I realy appreciate it xxxxxx


glad to hear things have improved and that your feeling much better :)

x x


I would definitely get a prescription for the AeroChamber Plus to use with your puffers.


All Better!

Im finally back to normal now! So relieved, thought I may go mad at some point - Im always on the go so having to slow down was really tough! Just got to get fitness up and Im back on the field thankfully.

Thank you for all your ideas and advice. I really appreciate it.

Caitlin xxx


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