can anyone relate?

does anyone else have really sensitive asthma? say if anyones having a fire in their garden, even if all doors & windows are shut, their asthma can still kick off? noticed it recently, smoke from fires normally triggers my asthma when im up close to it, but not normally when doors & windows are shut. can anyone relate to this, & if so, how do u deal with it?

[sorry for ramblyness, am tired]

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  • Hi Emma. Yes I can relate to that. Smoke from fires or cigarettes set me off. It's not just the smoke though any kind of excessive heat can do it. During the summer I suffer more than the winter.

  • Yep, the smell on smokers clothes. Also know when grass is being cut outside even when I can't see directly out & no *more* near shut doors and windows. Think it comes through air con/vents at work

    Edit *where

  • Hi Emma. Normally I'm not too worried by things like that but when my asthma went out of control last October I got really sensitive to very low levels of all my usual triggers and as a bonus I've got a whole load of new triggers. Lucky me! Now that the asthma is pretty much under control I'm hoping it will all improve, though.

  • I used to deal with statutory nuisance cases so during the summer frequently had to go out to bonfires. Have to say it not help my asthma at all and now very sensitive to bonfire smoke.

  • Hello Emma yes I can relate to this too. I have only recently been diagnosed but have noticed that the smoke from bonfires and cigarette smoke defibnitely sets me off.

  • hi emma- like you my asthma can be set off by anything. when i was on a ward at the weekend i was sat still in bed, not moving, not talking, not doing anything and i had an attack so god knows what started that!

  • Definitely can! Just had a staff meeting and started coughing because I could smell smoke from a fire outside and no one else could even smell the fire (sense of smell isn't that good!). When someone went outside they actually came back in to assure me I wasn't going mad!

  • I'm the same - very very sensitive to cigarette smoke. I can smell cigarette smoke quite a way off and when someone walks past me smoking I hold my breath. I feel it immediately on my lungs and they tighten up. I was unlucky enough to work alongside a chain smoker in my 20's (30 yrs ago, before smoking was banned at work) and was very ill after a major attack and off work for 6 weeks. I think it left me with an extreme sensitivity to smoke.

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