bit stuck -important ish [NOT looking for urgent medical advice]

what do u do when you're at the point where your out of inhalers [shout at me now?], you're tight, in a fair bit of pain/discomfort, & feeling wheezy, yet you're not at the point where u think u need to surrender to A&E? inhalers were helping a little bit earlier on, but ran out [gone through a full one today trying to keep on top of it], yet doesnt seem to be bad enough to need nebs or whatever? its more frustrating/painful than a full blown issue.. peak flow hovering between 300-350ish, highest done is 500/510

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  • If you've used an entire inhaler today and have now run out, you need to get yourself checked out.

    Considering it's only Saturday evening, how long is it going to be before you can get another inhaler? I'm sure you don't need anyone to tell you that it's not great to be without your inhalers, personally I'd be looking to get another one straight away!

    Dawn x

  • I'd treat no ventolin as urgent, so if the OOH doctor couldn't help I'd go to a&e.

    Also, remember others have run out when things have been difficult. I always keep a spare ( so order what should be a few days before I should start to use the spare). I had an emergency appt with the GP for ventolin last month. Its easy if it happens in the week - you're not alone though.

  • er, its like 10pm now, can get a prescription for 8am when walk in centre opens, didnt realise i was completely out until after it'd shut, which is pants. i get like 2 inhalers at a time, which last 2 weeks [not sure thats a good thing in itself?], had a full one, & had one which i thought had a bit in it, when it came round to it, had like 3 doses in then died. does it REALLY need checking if its not -too- bad? more painful than anything? i'll hand myself over if it does, would rather not, get really bad anxiety when A&E's busy when im in with my chest, doesnt really help matters..

  • As below, you need to get inhalers sorted. Have you tried asking at a pharmacy for an emergency dispensation without prescription if you won't go for medical help? Some Boots open til midnight and supermarkets open on sundays...

    Also, have you not asked this before here on the asthma UK forum? You need to ask your GP for advice and make sure you have enough prescribed.

  • i've got repeat prescription for chemist near where i live but they always bugger up. my dad took it in before, told them i needed it sorting out, ASAP, coz i'd just got out of hospital with asthma,, went round couple of days later [takes 2 working days to get repeats sorted] to get told they hadnt even got the prescription.

  • ....

    double post, sorry

  • No one here can tell you if you ""REALLY need checking"".

    But what I will say is that you need to get your inhalers sorted. From reading your other posts it looks like you've been in and out of hospital a fair bit lately, so to be without Ventolin is dangerous. If I'd run out at this time I'd be looking to get an emergency prescription from a pharmacy, or contacting out of hours doctors.

  • yup. in & out of hospital/backwards & forwards to A&E for nebs & whatnot. will go ring out of hours gp now. cheers.


  • Hope you get something sorted quickly. It might be worth looking into keeping a back up supply of inhalers, I've got different inhalers dotted around my flat and ALWAYS have spares. That way, if I do get caught out and 1 inhaler runs out, there are always others for me to use instead. You might have to speak to your GP about it as the surgery/pharmacy might get worried if it looks like you're using/ordering too many inhalers, but your GP should be fine with it once you explain that you don't want to run out again :)

  • I'd agree with Glitterdust and others - see your GP and get a backup supply of meds so you don't end up in this situation. I have a spare of everything and order just before I go to the spare (making sure I rotate so dates are okay). If I do end up using a spare cause I couldn't get to the GP etc. I'll then ask for extra to replenish so I never run out.

    I would say however that if you're using a whole inhaler in a day (which would be equivilent to several nebs) you need more help and are not managing, so I would at the very least be contacting OOH and if not useful, going to A&E. Always much better to play safe rather than waiting till you get worse.

  • Back in the days if you used the same pharamacy all the time for your meds and ran out sometimes they would give you one early aslong as you got script sent to them and ordered that day as a sort of emergency supply

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