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anyone have any ideas? sleeping question

Since I came into hospital, my sleeping has gone out of the window, had no issues actually getting to sleep, just waking up really early. Its 545am at the minute and I've been awake since about 5ish. Ward isn't noisy or anything so can't say noise is waking me up. Not waking up in pain [woke up in pain yesterday but managed to get back to sleep & missed breakfast], not been waking up unable to breathe, not waking up because of getting obs done [obviously am waking up for em, just not waking up & staying awake afterwards]. The only thing I can think of is the medication which I'm on.. I'm on:

* salbutamol [can't spell for toffee]

* seretide

* singulair

* 10mg pred [been on 40mg, taking it around 4pm - know I shouldn't, dopey & forget about it most of the time & doesn't affect sleep]

* amoxocillin 500mg [&have been since saturday night].

* some other evil antibiotics - big yellow ones. [Started last night]

* antisickness tablets.

* tramadol & paracetamol. Tramadol every 12hrs, paracetamol every 4.

* on IV fluids when using nebs.

Waking up wide awake, just annoying that I'm waking up about 2hrs before everyone else is.. Anyone have any insight?

**if I don't make much sense - in process of waking up properly, & with the time I shouldn't need to make much sense :P**

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I have the same problem at home at the moment, for the last couple of months i keep waking at 4-4.30am, and feels like someone is sitting on my chest. i dont think the weather helps as i find the humidity makes my breathing worse, buy i dont know i keep getting up so early and if it is done to meds, as take montelukast, serevent, flixtoide and atrovent. but it cant be.

But it is horrible, and i get so tired during the day and struggle to get things done, and despite having a nap every afternoon i still find myself going to bed at 9am which does not help in getting up early


Poor you, Emma. None of your medications would cause me to be overly awake, though I know some people have problems with Prednisolone keeping them awake...

Could it be just that you're somewhere unfamiliar? I find, however comfortable I feel on my 'usual' ward, that I am always more 'on edge' in hospital than I am at home, and tend to wake much more easily and find it more difficult to get back to sleep.

I hope that you're managing to catch up with naps at other times of day, and that your breathing is better enough that you can get home in time for the weekend!


Hope you settle and get nightly rest, could just be the hospital environment cos i am awake in the night and exhausted throughout the day. When they do tests and monitoring, why u have to be awake it puzzles me? maybe this is monitoring ur status.

Get better soon.



Do you then feel tired during the day? Could it be you just don't need the sleep as you're not out and about doing your normal daily activities?

Or I find if I don't have the blackout blind up at my window, I get woken up at dawn coz it's really light, maybe the light gets through the blinds making the ward lighter than you're used to at home?


come to think of it now people have mentioned it, it is probably down to an unknown environment, on actual resp ward, usually end up on CDU.. its frustrating, im wide awake from whatever stupid time i wake up till breakfast/obs time then sleepy fairy comes visiting again, its horrible cause i cant get back to sleep with people moving around & been loud & stuff. hopefully i should be home tomorrow if consultant happy with my resp rate, doctor on ward was happy with my state, nasty infection on both lungs, oxygen levels a bit low (95%ish), but feeling fine, as in not too short of breath or anything, although bras are sending me insane,feel like ive got one on too tight when i dont have 1 on at all most of the time. consultant came round this afternoon & said he wasnt impressed with my resp rate & wanted me to stay in overnight to keep an eye on me.


Oh bother, Emma, I'm sorry that your respiratory rate wasn't good enough for the consultant to send you home. That's a bore. It's always so hard to find the 'right' point for admission to and discharge from hospital, isn't it? There are times when I'm allowed home before the doctors really think I'm totally ready, when I get much better once I get home, and other times when I end up back in hospital almost straight away. I suppose it's good that your doctors are being cautious and trying to make sure that you're as well as possible to make sure you don't end up right back in hospital!

I hope that you can get better sleep tonight, and that you feel MUCH better tomorrow!

Hugs, Jo


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