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Gosh I'm fed up........bit of a moan

Just looking for sympathy really. Having a period of symptom flare up. On steroid tabs and pretty ""wired"" from those and so having trouble sleeping. Taking 4 puffs twice a day of seretide 250 and taking ventolin approx 10 times per day so got horrible shakes and also wired from that!

I've got a horrible productive cough (but not infected) and my lungs hurt because of the cough and y'know what?

I am just totally fed up with being's a complete pain in the proverbial and I am SO tired. Every time I fall asleep (finally) I get about an hour and then wake up feeling like I'm being suffocated so I take more ventolin...then I can't sleep...eventually do...feel suffocated and yada yada yada round we go again.

Sorry to moan but I'm not a happy bunny :o(


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Fee, I'm sorry you're struggling at the moment. Not sleeping makes everything seem worse. I hope things settle down for you soon.


I am not sure I have anything useful to say... But just wanted to say that I feel for you. Hope you feel better soon :-)


Thanks guys :o)

Now if I could just get rid of this darned cough........


Hugs to all



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