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Should we have a permanent moderators message?*

Is it possible to have a permanent moderators message on the discussion home page? Not sure what others feel but the mods message keeps getting pushed up by folk but as we are all such active bunnies in the forums it keeps getting lost off the recent topics page.

I just think maybe the message about not giving medical information needs to be there permanently as a reminder and for new posters.

What do others think?


*edit: went back in to sort out spelling mistakes

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yes, other forums I use, not medical, have what is called a sticky thread, and that is always at the top. they use different software and layout, and they are harder to use than this one, smaller text, more topics etc, but feel it would be nice, to have steve's post as sticky, and maybe some pertinent info for relevant topics such as basic advice for swine flu.


what a good idea,wont have to keep bouncing it up up up !


I disagree. Isn’t that a rather heavy-handed approach? What sort of welcome does that give to newcomers - “Be careful, Big Brother is watching your every move”?

This is covered in Terms and Conditions, for which there is a clear link on the left hand side of the pages of this forum. The fact that there has been no need seen to bump Steve’s message up between December 2007 and now would seem to suggest that occasional reminders are all that are required.



I see what you mean Alan, my concern is that it has been a big problem very recently with a very distressing incident on the boards. I had thought this would resolve things but there continues to be some issues I feel and I didn't mean to be heavy handed. Most boards I belong to have a mods message on the home discussions page.

It can be a very welcoming message but with reminders in there about asking for medical help.

I would hate to upset anyone, just thought this might keep it at the front of everyones mind without having to bounce steve's message around.



I tend to agree, who reads the T&C's really, can you honestly say you read the full conditions for the software on your computer? A friendly welcoming message wouldn't look out of place.

I'm sure somewhere in the AUK T&C's is a clause thats says after 6 months you have your legs bound so you can't escape the site, and after a year get a bill for server storage space -- thats joke, but could be oneday!


So do I, I understand it is one of things being worked on.

Oi Woody can you hold still so I can get the gaffer tape secure :)



To answer some (if not all, or at least most!) of the points raised here:

- Thanks to our lovely bespoke message board software, there is no ability to create sticky threads, so the only option we have is to keep bumping stuff.

- I agree with Alan; having my message permanently at the top of the board pages would be rather heavy-handed, and everything I mention is already in the T&Cs anyway (although the wording may not be exactly the same). I prefer to bump it up whenever frequency of complaints about medical messages becomes great enough, as happened a couple of weeks ago.

- You only get billed for server space after 18 months*.

I think that's all!

* possibly


Would it be helpful to move the 'Terms and Conditions' to a more prominent position? On my monitor it's often down somewhere in the left hand corner; maybe somewhere more at eye-level and in an eye-catching font might bring it to the attention of people before they hit 'submit'. Perhaps its importance could be underlined by changing the t&C link to sth like ""Important! Terms and Conditions


until recently I'd not even seen the link myself, like you claire on my screen it's in the bottom left out of sight.

Bex, thanks, and now i'm not going anywhere LOL!

Steve, thanks another bill to join the one from HMRC, just know which I should pay first.


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