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I really had hoped we'd got PAST this!

Okay - as you may or may not know I am having as asthma flare up because of a cold. Dutifully following my action plan as directed by the hospital but things are not going spiffingly well, in fact I'm only just managing to hold the PF's at 50% with full blown plan in action.

So I trot off down to the GP today as it says I should on my plan....but it's not one of the usual GP''s either a locum or a trainee. Well that's ok......I don't mind.......until we start the consultation.

I explain my symptoms - steps taken thus far - where I am on the action plan and the fact that I was unable to lie down at all last night due to not being able to breathe. I keep talking cos she's kind of looking at me strangely............I explain I have brittle type 2, atyipcal and difficult to control asthma and point out to her the letter on the computer from my consultant.

She listens to my chest.........

wait for it............

""well just keep taking the inhalers and don't stop your oral steroids...........

your asthmas fine because.........


I didn't know whether to laugh or cry - I mean SERIOUSLY! I attempted to educate her in the error of her ways but she had no intention of listening. She got me to do a PF and had NO idea what I was talking about when I told her she shouldn't be using that one as it is obsolete - it wasn't an EU scale. Consequently it made me out to look like a liar cos those old ones measure way higher!

I left feeling cross, frustrated and with absolutely nothing done about my pants peak flows.......if I end up in AnE cos of her I will be putting in a complaint. Might just ring my asthma nurse later on.


Sorry about the long post and the rant but I really thought we were beginning to get over this stupid wheezing/not wheezing issue. Mutter, mutter, mutter.


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oh my god! that's terrible! stupid have notta clue about asthma, that's why i am moving from mine, go to the out of hours if there's one nearish you, if it gets worse tonight ;) hope that you get this thing sorted, i am also coldy so i know what you mean about having asthma problems with it goin on, i'm sure everyone here does, the problem i found with my doectior is that he will just ay well i'll just give you steroids for 5 days and see how you are, even once i had a terrible chest infection and he just markedit as a cold and left it untreated, almost got pneumnia !!

well good luck, get well soon ;)x


I know where you're coming from - have had exactly the same. My bugbear is 'your chest is clear' or like you 'there's no wheeze' (scream). My own GP is very nice and attentive and I know which GPs to avoid if he's not there. But have had a few here-today-gone-tomorrow doctors, whose eyes just glaze over. I know they are out of their depth, or just not interested because they're standing in and probably won't ever see me or my son again.


A thing to remember for nxt time a dr says no wheeze. Ask about air movement in the lungs. As if poor air entry or movement then there is little chance for a wheeze.... Worth reminding a dr


I feel your anger, severe chest pains, cant lie down in bed, been on steroids for over a week. I feel like a junkie and then someone tells you your chest is clear? And that you have just panicked yourself and that's what is causing the discomfort. Eh no, the problem is I can't breathe! Not to be funny but are we not the better judge of our bodies and breathing?

Oh I do love a good rant!

Hope every one has an easy night.


Read this out to my DH who says to take it up with practice manager pronto. We've done this in the past with our lot.


Ah...that's so frusterating! I never wheeze either. Except when I go to the ER here and get a neb, then I start wheezing (you know when I'm breathing a bit better). The best was one of my doctors asked me to record myself when I wheeze at home (because I guess she doesn't believe me that it's that bad). And when I played it back for her on my cell phone, she was like ""is that sound coming from your nose?"" Um, no. That sound is coming from my chest.

I'm with what one of the others said...I should think I would know my body best and when I was having trouble, thank you very much. I might look fine, but I don't think getting continuous chest pain is supposed to be ""normal"" if I'm wheezing or not!



email/phone the practice manager, I experienced a problem with a locum once, such action of making an informal complaint to the practice manager does get results.


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