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Was thinking about UncleKaspers poor little niece, don't know if it affects anyone else, but I avoid indoor shopping centres, my lungs cannot cope with the amount of fumes they hold, they all seem to have open fronted perfume shops and those 'natural' soaps and creams places. All the shops seem to have air freshners pumping out fumes too. Plus the body fumes of hundreds of people wearing body sprays and perfumes. Its not a criticism of those people, they have every right to smell nice, I just struggle to breathe within moments of entering.

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perfumes and air fresheners are a massive trigger for me!! cause big problems, as do travelling on public transport :(



I have noticed that resently too. But for me to get supplies in for my website I have to use an indoor market and then I also have th fun of the smell of fish which is also a trigger of mine. I can eat fish but I can't smell cerain types of fish with out collapsing in a cronic attack. Very strange I know one day I will work out which fish smell is the trigger. I know it is not Cod, Hoddack either smoked or un-smoked, salmon, prawns or Plaice but as for the other fishes I don't know



I thought I was the only one who had a reaction to fish smell, it affects me terribly too along with many other things but people just think you are over reacting xx


I know it is stupid. I once had a right go at someone who was calling me all the names under the sun once when I could breathe and talk again. I know make sure I have my hubby with me when I have to go near that section of my local shopping mall and he always makes me laugh when people question what is happening. I can hear his voice and words right now ""Yeah whats the problem never seen someone have an asthma atack before. I bet you don't even know hat is like to an health condition that could kill you. Or do you want a picture or a lector about asthma?"" He doesn't care he just wants to make sure I am safe and getting the space I need


I have noticed recently sometimes I struggle in shops in general, never had a severe attack. Walking round often have to avoid particularly the cleaning aisles in supermarkets, people stinking of smoke especially (for some reason ASDA/Morrisons worse than Tesco/Sainsburys) perfume halls esp in airports which are harder to dodge, damp/mouldy smelling places, NHS air freshener... Asthma family your husband sounds great.


I hate being in shop like hmv when in big queue.

I guarantee i will be stuck behind a walking ashtray.

This sets me coughing & need my blue.

Then people look cos of coughing.

I feel like saying look at the walking ashtray, his stink set me off !!


Asthma family - have you thought about renting out your husband to other asthmatics who have atttacks while out shopping? You'd make a fortune and everyone would be SO grateful! Seriously, he sounds wonderful.

I too avoid shops that sell perfume/soap etc. and the bits of the supermarket that are full of cleaning products. I find public transport very difficult, especially when it's crowded and the air quality is lousy to start with. The trouble is, most of my friends don't get it when I say I've got to get out - they're feeling fine! C'est la vie!


i feel the same about shops being very smelly (not in a bad way if you dont have asthma). it always annoys me that to get into a shopping centre or lots of shops you have to go through the staff and customers smoking outside the door, then contend with the strong perfumes and airfresheners etc (omg boots stores being one of the worst-the make up counter women have a years worth of perfumes on them). i know that its got to smell nice but what about natural smells instead. also if they can make changes for other health and safety why can they not understand about asthmatics. also my local hospital uses plug in air fresheners why amazes me as i was struggling to breath and realised that the plug in was next to the bed! amazing!!! i could definately use a spokesperson like that too xxx


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