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Newly diagnosed need advice !

Hi , I have just been diagnosed with asthma , I had severe chest infection over new year since then had two lots of antibiotics and three lots of steroids , given inhaler of salbutamol to use 2 puffs x4 if needed or prn . Then given beclometasone as they decided from peak flows I have asthma . I have been to asthma clinic and seen nurse who went through medication and gave me another inhaler of serevent to use Ten mins before beclometasone . I want desperately to back to work but still get breathless and tight pains in chest and it like I got fur ball in throught don't know how else to describe it , luckily the coughing as settled down n not as wheezy but it took me nearly 8 weeks to get to this stage . I'm back at doctors tomorrow and don't know what else to say . Is this best I'm ever going to be . Thank you for reading this ! Jo

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Welcome to the forum Jo.X It takes a while to find what meds work for you the best and lots of trial and error.Hope in time your doc or asthma nurse finds what works best for you to keep your asthma controld xxx


thx glynis ,

just want to get back to work , as they not very understanding as been off 8 weeks with chest infection.

think im a bit impatient lol x



Hi Jo, sorry to hear you have been so poorly. I have lots of ups and downs with my asthma, sometimes one step forward and two steps back. I've had periods of ill health when I've wondered if things will ever improve. But they have, it has just taken time for the lungs to settle down. So dont give up hope.


Hi Welcome to the forums. Love the description of having a fur ball. That's what I felt like for several years before finally being diagnosed as having asthma. My fur ball went away when we found the right combination of inhalers. Cross fingers you feel better soonest.


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