something in the air again?

reading the posts it seems that loads of people have been having serious attacks these last few weeks. ive had a number of bad ones and i thought it was just me but looks like there is something in the air again-winter perhaps?

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  • I had a mild attack on Monday and my doctor said she has seen quite a few people in the last week who have been bad.

    I quite often have a rough time at this time of year that I put down to a change in the weather

  • Definately something in the air just a pity it ain't the lotto finger could b doing wie a windfall !!!

    Even my daughter who is well controlled is using extra salbutamol this week or should I say reminded to use extra ... Take care everyone

  • Who knows? The nurses were saying on the ward I was on that they've had lots of asthmatics admitted.

  • well join the club, typing from bed crap night and certainly something in the air. It's fungal spore and mould season so could explain some of the problems, also the temperature change over the last month from relatively warm days and nights to warm(ish) days excluding yesterday where I froze solid, and very cold nights so just plod along but be careful.

  • there are a lot of bugs and viruses out as well. I feel rubbish today. Seem to have an upset tummy now!



  • Well I know what' in the air at my house, brick dust as we've just had a cat flap fitted through our wall today. I've also avoided my first cold of the winter, I used Vicks First Defence at the first sign of symptoms and it actually worked! I have to admit I was rather skeptical about it but willing to try anything not to make the asthma any worse. My (otherwise healthy) fiancé didn't use First Defence and developed a stinker of a cold, ending up needing time of work, so I'm definitely a convert.

  • aww this sounds awful but im glad its not just me lol -spread the joy eh? heard of loads of people who are ill at the min. ive had a stomach bug as well and i was at least expecting to lose some weight but that even hasnt happened bummer...oh my god i have no idea how anyone can use the first defence-its vile lol

  • I found the first defence does sting/tingle a bit but it was no worse than preliminary cold symptoms, though I hate the fact that it smells of menthol, still I'd rather that than a proper cold. Hope everyone is recovering!

  • Nimueh- does it not make you vomit? i brought my lunch up after using it. i know it works cos my teen uses it to avoid bringing colds in the house, but i think id rather walk around with a tissue stuffed up my nose lol

  • jay39 Sorry to hear it makes you sick, I wouldn't use it either if it'd done that to me. Hope things improve for you soon. xx

  • i think it somthing to do with the cold air and the fact that is winter as everytime since i was little i have really struggled in winter, i think people just need to take extra care in winter with thier asthma making sure meds are working and being reviewed and see asthme nurse regulary

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