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thank god for the acute resp team

i am so glad that my local hospital has a team of helpful asthma nurses. im sure if any of you read a msg i posted yesterday will know thats i wasnt too good, well last night i was much worse. my peak flow was low and had to use my inhalers throughout the night to get some relief and was still ill today. at 8.45 i contacted my gp surgery to ask for a telephone consultation. the docs didnt have one until pm so they sugested a call by the nurse during her appointments. great i thought cos she is quite understanding and on the ball. rang back during the day twice to see if i had been forgotten. by 2.45 i felt dreadful and really needed to know if i should get someone to get a prescription and sit it out at home or go to hosp-so i rang the hosp and spoke to the asthma nurse and i managed to get some help. said they will check in on me in the morning if im not at hosp tonight. then after following their advice the gp nurse rang! at 2 mins to 5!...she said it had been a bad day...and that i was wheezing-never!, then added well there is wheezing and then there is you.....what do you reckon that means cos i dont know....anyway still rough but peak flow loads better. feel better for getting that off my chest lol....hope everyone is ok tonight x

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glad ur well

So glad you got the help finally.

Take care



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