been reading some past posts and its great to see how people keep up a good mood by taking the mick out of their situations. hospitals scare me im not afraid to admit it so i avoid them like the plague and try my hardest to bribe the docs to let me out early if i do have to be admitted(actually did this once, well not bribed but begged really and got to the hospital gates and wished i had the energy to go back lol so now i listen like a good lass), but i do find it great to see how others cope. the idea that hospital is a resort made me laugh, but think i may have signed up to a minus star resort if the food, hygiene etc is anything to go by at my local. did have a little laugh to myself last night cos the young pretty male doc looked like the new doctor who and i kept having to bite my tounge to stop using dr who sayings. he even acted a little like him it was amazing.....he was sweet but very young ...think im getting old!

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  • I hate being a patient also. I stay nice and quiet so don't get out off puff talking. I have a bag with medicines in it. When feeling poorly this bag get stocked up with mp3 player. Phone charger and my new hospital toy a nintendo dsi. This is fantastic at beating the boredom plus the headfones are great at blocking out the coughing and noise from the other patients.

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    I tend to laugh when i get out and stay quiet whilst in because it is to much energy required to speak. I know they are not fooled by our antics to get out early they check us to often. The breathlessness is to evident. Hospitals can be scary and well as strange places. I did bribe the docs to let me go to a friends wedding the ambulance crews helped to sway them too. Gill

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