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fed up with asthma

hi i am new to the site and thought id ask if anyone else is totally fed up with asthma dominating their lives? a middle aged (yep overweight)female and i was diagnosed a few years ago after suffering from bad chests for 11years. i do everything i am told to do except lower my weight (i have an underactive thyroid which has caused me to put on several stones over the last few years and arthritis that affects my ability to exercise, along with many other health issues...nice!), i follow the advice (sometimes total opposite advice from each doc or nurse i see which can be difficult to know what to actually do for the best) but my life is still totally dominated by the fact that i have asthma symptoms almost constant. if i went to the gp's or casualty every time i suffered from an asthmatic episode (as im meant to) i would have to take a tent and camp out as id spend more time there than at home. with the new government now stating that everyone on sick benefit will be made to return to work unless they are actually dead!, i am even more stressed which actually brings on attacks as i have no idea how i will cope as so many things set off an attack...i used to be a happy person but even im sick of hearing myself moan......please tell me im not alone x

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Not alone by miles

Just had to say something before nodding off or trying to. Your story is repeated on these pages many times over. Not alone, more like in the company of many many friends who can offer a shoulder to lean on or cry on, whichever you need most.

Counting myself lucky not to have needed hosp treatment as yet. Crosses fingers. But I wouldn't exactly say asthma is under control more caged for the moment. This present higher air pressure is playing havoc and makes me mightily fed up and poor DH has to try and work out how to cheer me up.

Wishing you a better reply than this late night one,

catch you tomorrow,

GrannyMo x



I'm feeling brighter today. What about you?

Jay39, please drop the middle-aged tag. If the age on your profile is anything to go by, you are only a little bit older than my kids. Think they'd kill me if I suggested they were middle aged!

I wouldn't worry about the getting everyone back to work thing.

1.They are still working out the details.

2. For the past year, I've applied for on average, three jobs a week but despite a cracking CV and a shed-load of experience, I've only had one interview. Most posts have well over 100 applicants these days so I'd be surprised if the government could miraculously find work for all. But it sounds good to the electorate to have those 'lazy bums feeding off the state' off benefits and back to work'. PS I did not and would never, vote for the present incumbents nor the last lot.

Now listen to your GrannyMo, if the condition of your asthma demands you should go visit A&E or GP, then don't hang about wondering if you should go. Of course you should! A&E and GPs are there for you and paid for you. Could even save your life even if you feel life isn't quite worth it on occasion. OK?

GM - sending a virtual hug OOOOOOOOOOOOO


sick of being sick here!

wow, 11 years for a diagnosis? I understand exactly how you feel. I've doing my own head in moaning about something i cant fix. I think the strange thing is im a total control freak and this is something i'm starting to realise that can only be controlled by medication.

Im also fed up as im hibernating indoors due to the sheer exhaustion that my overnight hyperventiliation and attacks cause when i could be inhaling some pollen outdoors and trying to increase my imunity to pollen.

i try to remeber that i might be on the highest dose of inhalers available at the moment but then i try to remeber the scary times and then oddly feel better to be managing my erractic asthma for 2 months with no scary episodes.

im trying not to quit bugging my GP's (like i did years ago when it mild but uncontrolled) and put up with it - but im in charge of my body and i wont let asthma stop me anymore i've had my life on hold for almost 2 years and im really sick of being sick now.

things have got to get better.


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