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just wondered if or how often people vacuum their beds? its amazing how much dust is in the mattress. i do mine once a month and change the bedding once a week but even though i do this it still collects dust. i use the hoover tools and also put the hoover on the bed to get good suction. my chest is always slightly better after ive done this....does anyone else do this?

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yep i am a fellow bed vaccumer! i have to admit i do our bed weekly,damp dust and hoover through daily. have tried to do less but i found night symptoms did worsen. we have wood flooring through out the house and very little soft furnishing, something my parents initiated as a child and it did improve my asthma slightly. On having my own family home now i extended the lack of carpet to the whole house, my husband moaned for a while but a fluffy pair of slippers gave us wall to wall fitted carpet!! i do use allergy covers too, cant comment on wether these help as they are just standard in our house!!


this is something we're going to start to try and get room as dust free as possible. Planning on doing it weekly when we change the bedding. Good to hear it makes a noticeable difference x


My mattress is totally encapsulated in a dust mite protector (One of the really good zipped Gore-tex ones) so I just do a quick vaccuum over it and then wipe it all with a damp cloth. I have never ventured inside the cover. It was covered as soon as it arrived........... I wonder if any dust mite has ever managed to get inside it?

I also damp dust the frame - I have wooden frame with slatts so lestens the places mites can hang out.


My daughter hoovered her bed every day and damp dusted all her fitments and fittings every day. (Asthma permitting, of course) !!


im quite ocd when it comes to cleaning. i also damp dust constantly and have as few carpets as possible at home. i would love to replace all of them but money is too short. i know having a leather sofa would help but im veggie and cant stand the thought of an animal being skinned for furniture. i also have everything covered with allergy covers and wash everything on a high temp even though its not very eco it definately helps with the dust mites. god knows what we would all be like if we didnt eh?



i try to hoover the mattress every week when the bed is stripped. But i dont always remember to do it. Have you seen that new raycop anti allergy bed vac? i dont know how good its supposed to be tho.

The bedding get changed weekly, more reg when its hot and i damp dust regularly with wipes. Im lucky as i dont have any carpet in the house at all which makes things easier. Each summer i take the curtains/quilts and wash them.



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