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3 days virtually symptom free

christmas came early for me lol - i had 3 days in which id been virtually asthma symptom free and it was flipping fantastic. the luxury of being able to breath is something that is for obvious reasons taken for granted but for me its like a gift. although im wheezy tonight and was slightly a couple of times over the 3 days, it was nothing compared to how i am normally. the odd thing is i have done nothing different so i do not know why i was so good-im not knocking it as its been brill. couldnt believe how rough i have been feeling until i felt better lol. oooh i wish it would last xxx

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hi jay39. So happy for you. hope you stay well xxx


congrats on the good luck :)

Hope you get as many of these spells as possibel!


That's nice to hear, long may it continue. xxx


Oh how wonderful for you, let's hope it continues


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