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asthma attack when not at home or work

a few weeks ago i had a horrible asthma attack in a shop on a very very rare occassion when i was out on my own. kept telling myself that id be ok but it wasnt to be. virtually slid to the ground at the till but was helped by some fantastic staff who called an ambulance (think i broke the boredom actually as they were very upbeat lol). rapid response came first then ambulance took me to hospital-straight through to resus as per and after 6 and a half hours laters i was home.all in all although i felt like cringing when people were walking past looking, it wasnt too bad as ive had people walk past me when its been obvious i cant breath before- anyway the point of the post is what are your experiences of asthma attacks when out and about?

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Not nice but glad there are people around to help.More scary when on my own xxx


luckily, i have either been at home or at work with someone or on my own most of the time.

but i did find myself on 1 occasion collapsing unconscious once not far from euston station trying to find my way to the hosp myself, not quite getting there . . .came to with the green meanies all round me helping me.

very scary, but i felt comforted, in safe hands, just nakard, not breathing very well!


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