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oh i had a horrible asthma attack last night and i have no idea what caused it unless it was because i was laughing at a comedy film.i have had attacks after laughing before but not as bad as this.i was very very close to calling an ambulance (and as i hate going in im sure you can imagine how bad i was feeling). feel rough today and my chest bone is very tender. anyone else had an attack after laughing?

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i have.

not nice and then its like you want to say to everyone please dont make me laugh again.


I don't have an attack from laughing but it does bring on my symptoms and I need my inhaler like it's going out of fashion but I do love having a good laugh so I just make sure I have my inhaler to hand :oD



Oh yes! DVD of a Billy Connelly show did that to me one evening when DH away and only me and two cats in the house. Bit frightening. OK but yes, did wonder at one point about calling 999. Fortunately coughing, which is what I get, subsided. Don't watch alone now.


I can't say laughing has brought on a proper attack for me but it certainly can bring on symptoms. Just the other night I was watching the new season of House in fits of laughter, shortly followed by fits of coughing and shortness of breath. Good old ventolin sorted me out soon enough though.

I thought laughter was supposed to be the best medicine, apparently not for asthmatics!


I have this often, it is one of my biggest triggers, along with stress.

And i find it one of the hardest to control, as quite often when i start laughing, i cant stop, and then i start coughing and i find everything funnier! Its a nightmare!


as bad as it sounds im glad im not the only one lol....if had attacks brought on by this before but this was very very bad. god if i cant even have a laugh now, no idea how im gunna keep depression at bay :(


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