Asthma and spray deodorants

Hi Everyone, Just a short question. Does anyone have any problems with their asthma when they use spray deodorants? I have just started to use them as it has been getting warmer, and they seem to be making my chest feel tighter than it already is (have been suffering with bad asthma for 3 weeks, but gradually getting better). I just wanted to know of other people`s experiences. If anyone can help, it would be great. EmmaC :)

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  • Hi Emma

    Due to skin problems I gave up using spray deodorants, I cannot cope with hubby's, so he gets sent away from me as far as possible. Instead I use a crystal, which I find brilliant, it is call Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal, its hypoallerginc, paraben/PG free, fragrance free. Most good chemists stock them, mine cost £1.99, believe a roll on is available by the same people. Also very cost effective, mine is lasting months. Website, expect you would also find in shops that sell health foods, natural health body care products.

    Hope that is helpful, Katina

  • Steer clear of any spray deodorants etc

    I use either the crystal - crystal spring, bionsen roll on, or one of the Sanex roll ons all of which are alcohol and aluminium free. With roll ons all of it goes into your pit and not into the atmosphere or your lungs! Some roll ons work better for some people. The main aim is to reduce the sweat & odour, not induce a perfumy pong!


    PS Pit Rock is another brand of crystal

  • Hi

    I am the same....Cannot use any aerosols at all, no air freshners etc either......Its a pain really cos I live with my mum and she uses aerosol deodorant and has to make sure she don't spray it when I am around cos we have a downstairs bathroom which is off our living room, so is difficult....I use sanex roll ons too.....

  • I can't cope with my sons deoderents Lynx is dire and sometimes I swear they marinade themselves in aftershave too. There seems to be a thing with men these days either no aftershave or you can smell them a mile away. How is it women manage to put on purfume without smelling like they soaked in it, yet blokes use the ""splash it all over"" policy. Some cheap aftershaves also set me off they seem to be the cheap ones I often say my attack was caused by ""tesco value aftershave"". Interestingly a whiff of the wrong aftershave is worse than someone walking past with a cigarette.

  • Hello All, Thank you everyone for your helpful inputs. I am really grateful. I do use air fresheners, but I have to run away from them straight away!!!! I won`t be using spray deodorants again though, as I am finding that they are slowly choking me. I appreciate everyone sending in their tips for good deodorants, and I shall be checking them all out. The good thing about these forums is that you can talk to people who understand, so thanks. EmmaC :)

  • just wanted to add , i have terrible problems with using sray deodrants , it has often even set off an attack , i myself stoped using them at the first sign they where agravating me but its the actions of others that went on to do no good for me, despitite my secondaray school had a non use policy it was unbelivable the ammount of people who still got away with it , the class i was in for pe where one of the worst , the fact i had problems with doing pe was a start but to come back into the changing rooms was a nightmare , some of the people where so ignorant about it as well, one of the teachers i had in one of my first years was really good and was consistently watching and told people all the time. one of the times wen i got really bad wen someone had used one in the room , the girl turned to me and my mate who was helpin me and said ""its not my fault"" and my mates soon all pulled her into line with a rather long rant , needless to say she never used one in there again. as for roll ons ect , i have to use sanex too , its the only one so far which hasnt agravated my skin (which it terribly sensetiVE) all other brands leave me covered in a huge bright red blotchy rash .

    hope this was wat u were looking for x x

  • Hi lil tinx, I have to agree with you that it is other people that you have to be careful with as well. I am lucky, in that I have a really supportive family, and I had no problems like you have had when I was at school. Thank you for the tip about using Sanex. It seems a lot of you use it as a brand you trust so I will check it out. EmmaC :)

  • thats ok emma just thought i would addd on with sanex deodrant i use either

    1. sanex dermo sensetive (peach colour container) (gentle on my skin lol )


    2. sanex dermo invisable (pinky colour container) (good for no white marks on black clothing lol)

    one or two more tips , they cant be expensive in boots i either buy them in the supermarket or superdrug and try to by them if mine is feeling low if i see them on bogofs as well ,

    good luck xx

  • Thanks lil tinx, You have been a great help!! Thank you for the tips. EmmaC

  • no problem , its good to use my experience to help other , hope you get on ok with sanex , it was alifesaver for me x

  • Hi lil tinx, EmmaC again, Do you know if the Sanex deodorants are anti-perspirants? Thanks, EmmaC

  • I use Sanex too - can't cope with any sprays.

    Air-fresheners are a real problem - I live in uni halls which are cleaned for us, about two weeks ago the cleaner decided to spray freshener about for the first time in two and a half years, set my asthma of badly, but I've asked her not to use it in my room and she was fine.

    The worrying thing, last time I was in hospital (not for my asthma but I was on the CDU) one of the health care assistants walked up and down between the beds liberally spraying air freshener and was completely oblivious to the coughing match myself and another woman started.

  • Emma C - hi again , just checked the two ones which i recomended , which are the ones i use are definately anti persperants

    Ratty - o no nasty , my asthma haate air freshner to , we have a lil thing were i work , that we avoid using air freshner on he day im in , however if it is necessary it must be used away from me adn i must be notified where it has been used , which i think is actually pretty good. would it be ok to pm you with some questions about uni and moving into halls as im applying to go in sept 2010 , thanks


  • Thanks lil tinx, for checking out the Sanex deodorants for me. I really appreciate your help.I shall go out and get one tomorrow!! Also, thank you Ratty for your input, everyone has been really helpful. EmmaC

  • spray deodorants

    Hello. I've stopped using them and now use a roll on type. My chest always got tights after the spray sort.

  • Re Spray deodorants

    Hi there

    I have been experiencing problems using aerosol deodorants since my asthma started flaring up back in November and have had to result to using a roll on, which some didn't help with perspiration, i have found a roll on that is as good as aerosols and that is Perspirex, it's expensive at 6.99, but at the start you only use it every other day, then only 2-3 times a week, so it works out equal in the end, as i use to get through an ordinary roll on 1 a week.

    If i am desperate for aerosol, then i spray it in the garden, which is secluded and no one can see me fortunately.

    I noticed since stopping aerosols i don't get the white powder residue/dust over my cupboards and electrical items, and the air in my room in purer.

  • Theyre banned from my house. I would recommend Dove cream roll on Only problem is it is sometimes difficult to get hold of so I end up buying half a dozen whenever I find somewhere that has it in stock

  • Hello All, Thank you for all your extra replies, they have been a great help to me. Talking on this board is great as you can share ideas and help others too, so thanks. Everyone has given some great comments and tips on which deodorants to use which is great, as there are so many on the market and it can be confusing as to which is the best to go for. Knowing that other people have the same problems helps, as sharing advice has helped me. EmmaC

  • Yes I react to spray deodorants.

    Like many of you they are banned in my home - which son seems to have forgotten as he came back from uni with some!

    I forgot how bad some are until I went camping this year - steamy camp site showers with a high scent of ""Impulse Body Spray""!

    I use roll on deodorants and just have to stay clear of anything heavily scented, otherwise I need to speedily reach for some relief. I have also told work colleagues and visitors to my home that I react to such sprays and no one has taken offence, in fact I think that in such circumstances honesty is appreciated.

    Good luck


  • Hello oboelady (Judi), Yes spray deodorants are a real bother aren`t they? I even struggle for breath when I am near perfumes. Us asthmatics have to be so careful!! When I am in a department store and the assistants are waving and spraying perfume, it`s not good!! Thanks for your message, EmmaC

  • Spray deodorants aren't a huge problem for me, but in the changing rooms at school i can find it very hard to breathe. Everyone in my PE group knows that when we're all in that small room and there running around spraying deidorants it affects my asthma, its a shame that the PE department can't do much about it.

  • hi

    francessca , i no its so fustratiing isnt it !

    emma, have you tried the sanex roll on yet , if so hows it going xx

  • Hi all, I`m lucky in that I have left school (quite a few years!!), so I do not have the problem that you have with changing rooms and deodorants spraying everywhere!! In answer to your question lil tinx, I have tried the sanex roll on, and I am getting on great with it, so thank you for all your advice. Keep well, EmmaC

  • Haven't looked at forum for a couple of days. Agree. Lynx deodorant has to be the worst. Nice niff from faraway. Fortunately the one we had came to an end. (Bought cos hadn't time to go to Tesco and used corner 'sells-everything-except-roll on-deodorants' shop). Won't make that mistake again!

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