First of all this is a rant.

I am sick to death of my hayfever at the moment whenever I go out even I start sneezing, and my eyes start streaming when I do go back indoors make sure I wash my face to get rid of the pollens, even though I have done that I spend the next 30 to 45 minutes sneezing and my eyes are itchy and streaming and my eye lids start to swell, whilst this is happening my chest becomes tight and I get very breathless then my asthma takes ages to settle.

I am trying to keep my asthma under control because I start a new job in two weeks and I really need everything under some kind of control.

I just wondered if anyone else if suffering with hayfever at the moment

Thanks for reading this.

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  • oh absolutely!

    My symptoms are identical to yours. Its horrid! My eyes sting, run and itch as soon as i wake up in the morning, then they ease, then it all starts again when I go outside.

    Im wearing my sunglasses alot right now so to protect them.

    I went to the gp last week and have now got eyedrops and more antihists in an attempt to get on top of it.

    What do you take for it?

    I hope it settles and best of luck with your new job.



    In EXACTLY the same boat. My eyes are constantly itching and streaming at the moment as well as sneezing a lot and getting really bad allergic rashes.... time to get back on the antihistimines etc.

    Hope the new job goes well. If it's going outside that makes your hayfever really bad maybe consider ways of going to work that minimizes your exposure to the elements. I also wash my hair obcessively when i'm having a flare up to get rid of all the pollen etc. What medication are you on? If you're really struggling i'd seriously recomend talking to your gp about changing your medication because somethings work better for different people.

    Quick little personal rant about hayfever: I completely mucked up my A-Levels first time round simply becuase my asthma and hayfever was so bad. Resat the whole lot in January which is a better time of year for me and jumped up 3 grades in all my subs.

    Hope everything gets better for you x

  • Hi there

    My son gets very bad hayfever and takes regular prescribed med to help combat symptoms. He tells me that to compliment the meds, using 'Hay Max' is the best thing he has ever tried. he just rubs a small amount under his nose throughout the day - it 'catches' all the pollen and reduces the symptoms dramatically. Maybe you could give it a go?

    Good luck

  • I've tried haymax as well and alongside medication it can make things a lot more manageable. Can't recomend it enough!

  • i can defo sympathise and highly recommend telfast, wonder drug indeed!


  • I hate hay fever.

    Mine has been pretty mild for past couple years, but going through it lately.

    I find putting really cold flannel across my eyes helps relieve itching.

    But worst thing for me is itchy roof of mouth. It is driving me insane. I try to ease it by kinda itching it with my tongue. Anyone any ideas bout how i can get relief from it?


  • can i join the hayfever rant please?

    Hi there, sorry to hear you are suffering and hope you get things sorted. Good luck with your new job....my little rant...I am already fed up with my itchy ears, tingly tongue, swollen eyes (feels like it) and itchy runny eyes, didn't even know the pollen season had started x

  • IM suffering big time too -mainly lungs eyes and itchy throat.

    Unless haymax does anthing else except catch pollen you might as well save a few quid and use vaseline!!!

    I have major issues with bad eyes due to pollen and as well as prescribed eye drops(sodium cromoglycate) i swear by cucumber eye gel (boots)or elderflower eye gel (body shop) both absolute bliss esp if kept in the fridge and i dont reacr to either which is great seeing as i have excema around my eyes as well

  • Yep, same here,

    have had symptoms over last 8 weeks on and off already but it hit me properly over the last few days. Waking up with a stinking headache on lots of mornings, sneezing, itchy and red eyes and nose....

    Had an asthma attack on Monday afternoon and feeling tight chested and chest pains since:-(

    Going to see my hospital con tomorrow, oh happy days.

    Yes, telfast has been the best antihistamine so far for me.

    Think I'll try haymax, never heard of it.

    Been suffering from hayfever for over 20yrs and it's only getting worse and worse.

    Hope you'll all get to enjoy the spring season despite the awful symptoms.

    Good luck with your new job:-)

    love Lydia x

  • i been taking telfast for last 5 weeks, previous t that was taking cetirizine and also needing piriton cos symptoms so bad :S telfast is brill. only seein resp consultant tomorrow as at last appt 4 weeks ago, in the 2 days i spent out of costa :s he asked me to stay off it for 2 days before appt so he could do more skin tests :( not a good idea with the weather being the way its been on top of my asthma being so out of control. well i have tried to leave it off today....

    hmmm... itchy eyes, runny nose, drop in peak flow, sneezing, coughing, maybe not a good idea ???

  • hey guys

    anyone know where we can sign up to daily free sms pollen counts??

    thought it be very useful, though over past weeks i havent needed the pollen count to know!! .....

    x x

  • Hay Fever

    Hi I suffer from hay fever between March with tree pollens right through to the end of October with mould spores from the rotting fallen leaves. I find Clarytin works well for me.

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