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Just Curious

This afternoon at work I started with an asthma attack without going in to too much detail it deteriorated fairly rapidly despite my best efforts to control it with

inhalers, so I had to use my nebuliser which helped but for the rest of the afternoon and evening I have been feeling very tired, woozy almost as if I have been drifting in and out of consciousness and my skin has been very cold to the touch.

I am curious as to whether this could be related to my asthma attack, my peak flow this evening is 70 or is it just a coincidence because I also have a nasty chest infection

Should I be concerned about this

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wow that is a really low peak flow reading, i think maybe you should at the very least see your gp hunni, know after an attack i tend to be really tired, find it hard to concentrate and Im generally a bit confused, hope that's of some help to you x


Thanks Eeyore that is helpful, and yes, I will see my GP


70 is a very low PF - definitely time to see GP. Good luck with that. Tell GP about woozy symptoms as well. xx


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