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Neighbour - Grrrrr

Earlier today I was sat in my garden enjoying the lovely warm sunshine when my neighbour lit a fire in their garden.

It only took a few seconds before my chest tightened, short of breath, coughing and wheezing, after spending 45 minutes trying to settle my chest with not much luck was captured by men in green again and a blue light and siren journey to A&E and taken straight to resus after three nebs and oxygen, IV magnesium, IV Steroids then put on short stay ward for a little while for observation. I managed to escape and I am now resting at home.

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so sorry to hear about that, very inconsiderate of ur neighbours. was the wind blowing the wrong way? glad that it was only a short stay, and that u have now escaped. take care



So sorry to hear that your neighbour is so inconsiderate and I hope they don't make a habit of it. Glad you escaped so quickly, though.

Keep well


If only the neighbour knew that would happen they could have done it when your not outside. Does covering your mouth/nose help cos i may have to ensure I protect my lungs from neighbours and fires etc?

Thanks for this post, I will tread carefully,



AWW ! asthmagirl sorry you needed the green men again.

Hope you have a good relationship with your neighbours and can

explain how you were effected by the fire and may be just ask them keep you in the frame and give you a knock next time.

Glad your at home now and hope resting up a bit.

love glynis xxxx


Sorry to hear that asthmagirl, so thoughtless of the neighbours. Neighbours around us quite often have bonfires during the day and I have to stay inside and shut the windows. My husband only has bonfires at night to avoid such problems. Hope ur feeling better now and work is going ok.


Sorry to hear your day was ruined by your neighbour.

Are they aware you are asthmatic? if so perhaps they dont realise that lighting a fire will cause you to suffer so.

I hope they were unaware because im sure they wouldnt do it again if you explain how it affected you.

Im quite fortunate in that respect. My neighbours both know i have asthma, theyve seen the amby often enough.

They do have barbeques, but they are situated at the bottom of their gardens so im hardly ever affected by them.

Thankfully, the smell of barbeques just makes me hungry

Hope you feel ok now

Howie :)


Thanks for the replies everyone, my asthma has been causing me a few problems today but thankfully my inhalers have managed to sort it.

Yes, Howie my neighbour does know that I have asthma she has seen the paramedics come to me several times last year and on various times this year.


this is a horrible thing isnt it, my neighbour does the same and as its coming up to summer its now also officially time for them to cook outside-this happens everyday morning, lunch and dinner until winter-its wonderful to think that at least the wildlife will be having a lovely time in my garden cos i cant lol....anyway hope you are feeling better and your neighbour has ran out of things to burn xxx


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