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A little anxious

I have been off work for 3 weeks on doctors' instructions because of asthma, chest infection and Pleurisy.

Although I am not 100% because I am suffering with Pleurisy I am planning going to go back to work tomorrow (Monday)

I am a little concerned as to how my colleagues' will be towards me, the Pleurisy has been affecting my asthma big time I really hope my asthma will not trigger whilst at work.

I probably am worrying about nothing but it is a job I really like and do not want to loose it.

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Oh asthmagirl I do hope ur first day went ok and that today goes smoothly as well I hope your collleges will be nice and accepting of your situation. I hope u continue to recover and that your work are understanding. Going back to work can be difficult I still remember the first time I was I'll enough to have time off from my Saturday job when I was much younger it was nearly five years ago now but going back was scary as I'd been so bad luckily I had great supporting colleges who really made me feel at ease and helped me do things! I hope that it goes smoothly with your colleges as It makes it so much easier for you. Best wishes

I'm going back to work this afternoon after a week of although it was annual leave I had been unwell beforehand for a few weeks and on a plan from my clinic the week of came at a brilliant time as I've managed to rest nicely and feel more in control than I was I'm now just worried I need a bit longer to

get back to my ""normal""! So I'm going back today and keeping my fingers crossed it goes smoothly. X


Oh Asthmagirl. Are you sure that going back to work so soon is a good plan? I hope that things have been ok so far today, and that your colleagues are being supportive (and that you're remembering to ask for help when you need it)!



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