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Can not breathe

I have just about had enough of my asthma this week.

I was A&E Monday afternoon being treated for my asthma and was sent home with another lot of steroid tablets. It has been a nuisance all week, coughing breathlesness and my chest is sounding like an analogue radio station that has not been tuned in properly it is crackling and wheezy.

I am currently finding it difficult to put full sentences together no use me phoning for an ambulance because they will not be able to treat me because I am already steroid tablets and there is not much the hospital can do since I have all medication here at home.

Sorry just needed to have a moan that's all.

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Please get yourself to hospital. If you can't put sentences together then you are not coping and medication isn't helping enough.

They can give more treatment at hospital, whether it is monitoring your Sats so they can give you oxygen, nebs, IV treatment such as Magnesium, IV steriods, aminophyline etc. They can do that on top of your meds, even if you have, say a home neb, already on steroid tablets, as they can add on more treatment.


You need to get yourself to hospital asap. They may well be able to offer you something else, I was admitted last week for the same reason was on steroids and nebs and wasn't going anywhere. get yourself in.



Thanks for responding to this post.

Just to let you know that I did seek medical advice and I am OK now.



The other posts are right, (sorry, I know its not what you wanna hear)! I'm much the same, my local Dr is no longer able to help me as I've been on max dose steroids all week and still little relief. I have been fighting to stay out of hosp as I hate it soooo much, but the Dr says I'm out of options. I have little chioce left if I want any sort of recovery, so whats say we both bite the bullet and book ourselves in on Monday?



Hey! Get urslf in a&e. I been fighting over the weekend and i'd just had give up. So when I came home from work I phoned nhs direct who sent an ambulance out for me. Was in a&e for 4hrs! Had nebs and oxygen. They did bloods, blood pressure, chest xrays and ecg. Its helped me so much and now home resting in bed. So tbh i think it best thing you can do. It was my first proper time and my first hospital visit for the winter. All us asthmatics i think are only guna be bad before we get better lol


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