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Paramedic doubts Doctor's decision

Unfortunately yesterday evening I had one of those rare Paramedics that seems doubt doctor's decision to get me to hospital. Then as if that was not enough she seemed to be very disgruntled at taking me to hospital even though it was the out of hours doctor that phoned for an ambulance because I was unable to talk in full sentences. It was hard enough to try and answer her questions when so breathless then to have her disbelieve or not listen to what I tried to say.

I got the distinct impression that I was being a nuisance and that Paramedic has left me wondering how well I know my asthma symptoms.

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Asthmagirl, I would be thinking how well does that paramedic know her job?! That is shocking, perhaps you should make a complaint, just to (hopefully) make her think twice about doing it again and have a more professional attitude?

That sort of attitude could stop someone phoning for an ambulance they need; if it worried you, as a 'seasoned' asthmatic who does know when she needs hospital, it certainly would have worried someone who'd perhaps called an ambulance for the first time and wasn't sure of themselves, and could stop them calling one again when they needed it.

I hope you're ok now in general - last thing you need when already having to go to Costa!


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