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Rubbish weekend

I realise that there are lots of you on here with far worse asthma than mine

This cold frosty air keeps upsetting my asthma, I got to work Friday morning and by the time I got to my desk ready to start work at 7am I was so breathless and wheezy that I had to use my nebuliser, it did settle things down for a little while then later in the afternoon my asthma flared up again, I had followed my asthma management plan throughout the day and inhalers not helping much had to neb again, got no sleep Friday night, then Saturday came, asthma still no better, had to use neb 3 times. I had go visit my niece to give her, her birthday present then, I went for a meal with my parents but asthma had to ruin my day yet again. Can not get a good peak flow either it is ranging from 50 to 100

I am sick to death of asthma stopping me from doing things I want to do, then today my asthma has been so troublesome again, feeling totally miserable and could quite easily burst into tears.

Just needed to have a rant.

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Aawww massive mr tiggle hugs coming your way...dont you just hate it when it effects your day to day living...

Hope your starting to pick up a little bit today...the hardest bit is when its triggers you cant avoid like cold air...maybe a good excuse to sofa surf for a few days for it to pick up??



Sorry to say this if your peak flow is between 50-100 you should be getting yourself medical treatment asap...


So sorry to hear you have had such a rubbish weekend! Feel free to rant away!

It's soo frustrating when asthma gets in the way of life!

I'm glad you have been following your action plan, is there someone in your resp team you can contact to get some advice/support?? It must be so hard struggling to carry on with day to day activities if you are struggling!

I hope things pick up for you soon

B x


Erm, sounds like you've had a rough enough time too and everyone needs a rant now and again. It is frustrating when asthma stops you doing what you want to.

Seriously though, are you managing to function ok on a peak flow of 50 - 100 which is very low by anyone's standard? As Malawi2 said, time to get help asap and this isn't really the place to ask, sorry.

Hope you're ok anyhoo

Edit to add

p.s. charlie_warlie, love the mr tiggle hugs description


Thanks for your replies. I have had to use my nebuliser earlier back to back nebs and I have just checked my peak flow again and it's gone up to 120 although, that's still low should things get worse then I will definitely get medical help but at the moment I'm ok


I think you're fully entitled to rant, it seems you've been having a rubbish time of it! Hope you feel better soon, don't get captured and get that referral sorted. Xx


Really sorry you are having such a bad time of it. Not surprised you want to rant. Hope things pick up this week. Thinking of you. xx


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