Holding on - only just (not an emergency)

I am really struggling at the moment and I am feeling SOB and tight chest but I am only just managing to stay away from hospital, this is not an emergency post if my symptoms become worse then I know to call for medical help. Just fed up that's all.

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  • I know how you feel am the same have just phone NHSdirect up for help

  • hope things improve for you and you keep away from costa - both of you!

    big hugs


  • Hope u pick up soon and no green men xxx

  • Just keep breathing guys!! Amanda, what did NHS direct say, did you get any relief?

    You both take care of yourselves x

  • Have phoned NHS Direct for advice

  • Awaiting ambulance

  • aww! Hope not time for green men again xxx

  • good luck xxx keep us posted xxx

  • Oh dear, this does not seem to be a good night for several of you. I hope it's not a long stay asthmagirl.

  • aw no!! again... we seem to be having bad time of it lately dont we hun...

    hope your out soon :( take it easy and rest well in costa


    x x x

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