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Nellie back

I have been having a few good days where my lungs and asthma have been behaving so this afternoon I decided to go out into my garden to do a few tidying up jobs, I have been suffering from streaming and itchy eyes and running nose, yes, you've guessed it my hayfever has been triggered.

This evening my chest is grumpy wheezing and short of breath looks like nellie has returned. Grrrr.

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nellie needs to pack her trunk and say goodbye!! hope ur inh (and piriton!) works for u x x

keep well :) x x


Hi Snowygirl,

I use Fexofenadine for my hayfever but for some reason it did not help me too much this afternoon.

I am using my inhaler loads to try and get some relief.


i just started taking that last fri from my consultant - thats telfast 180mg isnt it ?

i havent noticed any diff yet, think its too early to tell yet :S

hope ur inh working :)

maybe get someone else cut grass !!

x x


Yes Snowgirl you are right it is Telfast


yea, been told its good stuff, thats y they put me on it fri, hoping that will make a diff for me :) how u find it ?

how u feeling ?



It is very good stuff and it usually does the job for me.

At the moment I am still suffering and when I did my peakflow it had dropped to 120.

Earlier this week (Tuesday) I phoned through a repeat prescription to my GP surgery, they did not have any Atrovent inhalers in stock but should have them in Monday and now my Atrovent inhaler has started to misfire, even though I have cleaned it. Grrr


Fexofenadine is pretty good stuff. I've been on fexofenadine 180mg for years and I found it worked well, far better than any OTC antihistamines I'd tried before that and believe me I'd tried them ALL. Unfortunately allergies went haywire when I moved house last year so now I take another antihistamine as well to try and control my constant itching. I'm on that many meds for different things now I swear I rattle when I jump!

Hope Nellie takes the hint and you feel better soon. x


Grrr... hope things start to improve. 120 doesnt sound good, but then wots your normal PF ??

can you get atrovent from the chemist- boots have given me salbutamol before now as told them i had used last of my inh and it was the weekend, and its the weekend!! so u can always try...

dont delay getting help if you need it :)

x x


My peakflow is usually about 200.

Don't worry Snowygirl if I need help I will get it.


oh okay, if your PF 200, 120 not too bad bout 60% ? :

my best 550, so if my PF 200 i certainly would be barely breathing at PF 200 let alone 120!

hope u feeling better this morning asthmagirl :)

snowygirl :)

x x x


That Elephant feeling

I have that elephant feeling on my lungs the last two days. Back to the GP this afternoon. Just hoping she will sign me off for another week. But I know I am not fit to run round a neonatal unit. I hardly did anything yesterday and I was struggling to breath.

I had a phone call from work this morning which woke me up, having had a wakeful night I'd fallen to sleep. Was asked if I would be into tomorrow. I felt like saying 'NO I have an elephant sat on my chest.' but said it was highly unlikely.

I don't seem as breathless this morning which is typical when I am about to see a Dr. But I think I know my own body and know if I go back this week I am likely to go off again. Just got to convince GP.



dont take any chances isnt it revcath... if ur not 100% u dont go in, hope u convince ur gp, otherwise can u selfcert?

i managed to get another sicknote, after yet another 2 lots of meds and more crackles than in a bowl of rice crispies i defo noe ready to do my nite shift tomorrow....

get better soon x x x


Thanks Snowy Girl

I have been signed off for another week and more steroids and Antib's. She didn't have a problem signing me off. Though she couldn't answer my questions about antibodies etc.....



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