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Question about Prednisolone (I am not seeking medical advice)

I have been on Prednisolone since last May 2011 without coming off it, now the question I am about to ask is not me seeking medical advice but interested to see if you any of you have experienced this.

I am currently trying to reduce my Prednisolone have managed to get two 10mg (2 tablets) but I am finding that my peakflow has dropped and I have had to increase the usage of my reliever and nebs, I am just curious to know if this has happened to anyone else whilst reducing Prednisolone?

Edit.. Moderators, I hope that this post does not breach the Asthma UK forum terms and conditions

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Yes, this happeneds to me all the time, sadly for me its if i go any lower than 20mg my lungs start getting stressy again and i end up being told by cons to up the pred back to 30 to settle things down and then start reducing again...maybe a slower reduction is needed, instead of dropping 5mg drop by 2.5mg or 1mg over a few more weeks...maybe you could consult you gp when they reopen on tuesday and see what they say. Could just be the case you need to remain at that dose and take things a bit steadier and keep your handy releiver by your side at all times! Have you ever had this where youve been on long term pred and trying to reduce??

Hope the knowing your not alone helps you!!



Thanks Charlie_Warlie for your reply, this is the first time I have been on long term preds and having to reduce down.

It is reassuring to know that you have experienced this also. I am seeing my Respiratory Consultant on Tuesday so will speak to them about this.


Pressuming you have been bouncing on and off of the lovely tablets for a few months before that!!

Definatly worth a mention as they may want to run a blood test to check your adrenal glands are coping with producing their own steroid after you have had them via a different form also.

I have tried all the ways i mentioned in previous posts to help try and reduce the pred, i have on 1 single occasion manage to get to 12.5mg but that last two days at this dose and my adrenals glads gave up there function so got bumped up a couple of mg but then my lungs thought they were missing out on the attention so decided to give up the go also!!

There are many many different ways that your cons could suggest for you to do a nice relaxed reduction that doesnt effect your body!! So try not to be put off by it.

The latest my cons done was admit me so that i remained sat on my bum (as the minute im on my legs i think im wonder woman and try and cram everything back in before my next attack) so my lungs wouldnt get agrivated and obviously i had less triggers around me...but then a few weeks later after contining with a 1mg reduction at home it got to much and i was bumped straight back up again. Lungs and pred hey!! What would we do with out them??



Well that has now put paid to my Prednisolone reducation, just had OOH Doctor to me who has increased Prednisolone back up to 40mg (8 tablets) for the next 5 days and then gradually reduce them back down.


Aw know that sucks but hopfully sort your lungs out a little, still go in armed to the consultant on tuesday to get a plan in place, as you could start it with imidiate effect on this bunch of steroids xx


I reduced Prednisolone really slowly when I was on long term courses. Literally 1mg every few days. Symptoms returned but also slowly.


I can't answer your questions about prednisolone reduction.

However there are plenty of people here that have been in a similar situation. Just have a search for previous posts in the box below the forum list of talking points to the side of the screen. You may find answers there already.

Didn't know 10mg tablets were available though? I asked when first had prednisolone as the idea of more tablets then necessary with that taste, yuck. Was told only 25mg available above the 5mg.

No problem with mod hat on in regards to medical advice, it is not an emergency and the boards are for support, debate and discussion.


To clarify and sorry, Asthmagirl you mean you are taking 2 5mg tablets i.e. 10mg total and not two 10mg tablets as I read your post at first.


That's correct TJ

Sorry for the confusion I caused, I was on 5mg Prednisolone but taking 2 5mg tablets.

Since I wrote this post the OOH doctor has now increased my Prednisolone to 8 5mg tablets, so much for trying to reduce the dosage


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