Good Doctor

I went to my GP surgery today for a review of all my medication, the doctor I saw was very good and understanding she listened to my chest which she explained to me was crackling and wheezy so she gave me Atrovent and Steroids to inhaler via a nebuliser I was also given oxygen later then she did loads of other checks such as blood pressure and took my pulse which I was told was a little fast.

I have been given a nasal spray to help with my hayfever.

She said she thought that I would benefit from Xolair so she has written a letter to my Resp Consultant for that to included in my treatment plan.

It was great to see such an understanding and caring doctor

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  • That's great. Nice to see the good doctor/nurse posts recently.

  • Good Doctor

    Nothing like a Good Doctor! Maybe you want post her office info in case others on this site live near her/him and can also benefit.

  • Yeah, it makes such a difference, physically and psychologically. Mine's great, except she tends to over-react when she sees me coming! - I can't think why... *whistles*

  • glad you had such a good experience with your doctor. it so important to feel like we are being understood.

  • awww glad u have a good doctor , i have a good doctor who hass seen me since i was about 4 however shes leaving at the end of the summer. i hope u dont mind me asking but where abouts in the country are u from.

    jess x

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