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I am feeling apprehensive about returning to work tomorrow especially as the last time I was there the paramedics wheeled me out of the open plan office where I work to the ambulance.

I have not been there very long and I do not really know my colleagues very well yet.

I am a little concerned as to what the reactions will be from my colleagues because I have not been there very long, although I am starting to feel better I am still getting breathless etc.

The doctor saw that my sats had dropped so I was nebulised twice today and given oxygen fortunately my sats and breathing did improve.

I am keen to get back to work because it is a new job and I do not want to give a very bad impression to them.

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When that happened to me, I was apprehensive too. But i handled it by thanking everyone for expert action taken and used laughter to lighten the atmosphere. I am glad I did that cos i had a few more bad turns at work in the proceeding weeks, months and years.

My colleaugues really supported me, In fact they saw my demise quicker than me, cos my face changed somehow and I got distant and weak, wheezy and breathless, they got 1st aider and ambulance sorted in amazing speed. I got a leaflet from AUk re asthma at work for my boss to help/assist me further.

My consultant worked out it was air conditioning that set the asthma weekly at work. So wore scraves and was given a heater/fan and personal alarm. I worked in an open planned office. I worked a few years more because of their support, unfortunately the asthma did not settle and i couldn't work anymore. My colleagues supported me then too. I still keep in touch when i can.

Remember anyone can get ill, so don't worry. It will be okay.




firstly well done on recovering enough to be able to return to work.

everyone gets apprehensive bout returning to work after being off for any amount of sick time, that comes only natural, you be fine. relax, hold your head high, and remember you cant help being unwell and that ur there just to do your job.

thank everyone for their support if they helped you when you became unwell last time, and like gill says, maybe print out some info from the AuK website for them so they are more aware of asthma and wot do if you become unwell again, you never know, there maybe quite a few who also have asthma but you hadnt realised....

myself - dreading the thought of going back for similar reasons, but work in nhs costa so completely diff area so cant sympathise with the environment but certainly with the reactions from colleagues due to previous reactions in previous costa job :(

good luck tomorrow - U B FINE!!!!!

x x x



Unfortunately I did not make it into work today, my asthma decided that for me I had to get the doctor to me last night who nebulised me and advised me to stay at home and rest but thinks I should be OK for work tomorrow.


I've felt exactly the same when going back to work after a long spell of asthma - we probably all have. I usually stick a big smile on my face and bounce in with a couple of packs of bikkies for everyone to thank them for helping me out. I'm usually watched fairly carefully for a while but gradually everyone forgets to worry and life gets back to normal.

Good luck and don't worry, you'll be fine!



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