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Information required about Atrovent

I am currently struggling with my breathing at the moment although I have used all my medication and this evening my peakflow is 100.

This question I have is, does anyone else use more that the required dose of an inhaler when suffering with asthma flare up.

I am trying to avoid going to A&E this late in the evening

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Think u already know the answer asthma girl. U need medical attention sooner rather than later !!!! Please go to a and e .


Honey - you need A+E! If your inhalers not working and PF of 100 (which I'm presuming is low for you) then you need to bite the bullet and go get more help. Don't mess with it - not worth it.

Good luck!


asthmagirl, just to echo what the others have said you need to call an ambulance or get yourself to A&E, a peakflow of 100 is very low and the hospital will be able to help you while using excessive amounts of inhalers is very unlikely to help and your condition will only worsen the longer you wait. The official recommended advice is to go to A&E if not responding to salbutamol so please go.

good luck, simi x


HI asthmagirl,

please get checked over if pf is 100 and having problems xxxxx

keep me posted how you get on lots of love xxx


May I remind you although we can give information we are not here for medical advice we are not Dr's just normal people


Hi Bizkid,

Thanks for pointing that out, I do realise that , it was just advice I was after from other people because I was on my own and I was unsure what was best for me to do, I was not looking for medical advice as such hence this post being under General forum and not the Medical forum.

I will make sure that I do not post a message like this in future.


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