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Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to say hi. I am 24, from South Wales and have had chronic asthma all my life. I joined AUK in order to make friends, and speak to people who know what it is like to suffer with Asthma. Feeling pretty crap and wheezy today, went out yesterday to watch the rugby, spent all day in a smokey club (roll on April) and feel like I have smoked 40 fags! I am sure you all know what thats like!

Anyway just wanted to say Hi :-)

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  • welcome x

  • Helloooo & welcome to AUK message board!

    Please post any Qs you like about asthma and also we have some fun topics in the off Topics - chocolate and fishfingers seem to be the flavour of the week at the mo.

    For some general chit chat - hop over to camping!

    Rugby - didn't Wales get a bit squished yesterday? And yes, I would love to be able to go to a pub withough being asphyxiated!

    Take care


  • welcome to AUK why not join us on camping where we chat!

  • Hi and welcome. We are a bit of a mad on rugbyhousehold here, hubby plays, son plays (when he can breathe) , I wash kit and cheer like a fishwife and daughter gets dragged along every sunday :-)

    Look forward to chatting soon


  • Welcome, Don't understand the egg chasers being a football fan myself (and yes Plymouth are still in the FA cup) . Anyway hope you enjoy web wombling around this site.



  • Hi and Welcome! i'm new to the board too. :)

  • Hi

    Welcome to the site

  • hi candy and welcome

  • Hiya Candy!

    Croeso y AUK!

  • I'm new too!

    Hi, I've just signed up to the board, because I've only just found it!


  • welcome Spaniel

  • Croeso Candy & Welcome Spaniel too

    great support network here

    get you through the low and we have highs too!

    good vides all round


  • Hi Spaniel!

    Welcome tooo!

    Glad you have found AUK boards - there are a few of us SJA members here!

    Anyway, See you around, perhaps the Airshow!

    Take care


  • Hi Candycough and Spaniel,

    Welcome to AUK. I hope you find it a supportive and informative place.


  • Welcome candycough & spaniel!

    I've just been into the RBH again last week & they actually asked me if I was on the asthma uk (AUK) message boards (part of the ""social life"" questionnaire the student nurse was asking me (the ""guinea pig"" about). I've read the boards on/off for a few years (mostly off), & have had some great advice about nebulisers in the past, and sub-cut trials recently. As my social life has almost completely disappeared for a few years, I've resolved to try and make some new friends & be a bit more active on the boards too. So hopefully people will welcome me too - don't worry you don't have to post again & say welcome.

    Love from sheep - another wild animal with a sense of humour in the AUK zoo.

  • hey candycough and spaniel (im SJA cadet!!!)

    hey nd i like rugby 2...go TIGERSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!

    Welsome 2 Auk


  • Hi Sheep

    How you doing? I'm also new to the boards, and my social life also suffers coz of my asthma but I'm looking forward to july!!!! just wondering, whats's RBH and also do you know what costa means?

  • Lejaya Costa is hospital we say we are in nhs costa it sounds nicer than hospital.

    RBH stands for the royal brompton hospital which is a centre of excellence for heart and lungs. They have a difficult asthma team which take you right back to the begining run every test under the sun and then hopefully give you the correct diagnosis and even more importantly give you a protocol of care for both you and your gp and medical team at your local hospital.

  • wow the RBH sounds great how do you get an appointment?

  • Hi lejaya, sorry to use initials & code - thanks for explaining bowmei. And sorry for not replying - I'm really struggling at the moment. My gp had sent me to a chest consultant at my local hospital & they referred me to RBH. I'm biaised as I go there, and I do think the RBH are fab, but there are other great hosps for asthma care too.

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