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i'm new

hi,I signed up as my girlfriend has pretty bad asthma and I want to be able to help her. She does not like me seeing her ill and because it is faily often it causes problems but it upsets her a lot.When she is taking an attack what can i do to help her? I#ve tried talking and she will not listen it is like she is in denial. She does get really bad though, last week she requested an ambulance and locked herself in the bathroom.I don't want to lose her wit either splitting up or worse, what can i do when she is taking an asthma attack? I think she is worried i will leave her even though i have assurred her i won't. I've looked at the site and if anyone here can help to it will be so so useful.I just hope she doesn't go mad i am talking to strangers about her.thank you * Oscar *


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