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chest pain

looking for a little advice if possible..was discharged from hospital friday tea time after being admitted on tuesday after asthma attack and chest pain...for the last couple of hours ive noticed that chest pain has come back on exertion..climbing upstairs to the bathroom or bedrooms,also noticed that I have to stand up slowly when getting off the couch or chair....its like a tightness on the upper part of my chest across the centre..anyone know if this is usual after an attack and is it just a case of antibiotics being seen through their course and hopefully chest pain disappearing?

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not unusual to get chest pains from asthma, either pulled muscles or unknown reasons

Do get checked out if concerned.


Scottishmum did they do an ecg while you were in just to check it was not heart related? If not then definitely think you should get one just for you own peace of mind if nothing else know from expereince that chest pain is scary. It could just be muscle or indigestion but best to get it checked



I've just gone through the same thing. I had a 3-day long asthma attack and chest pains. It takes a few days to recover and I have chest pains for a week after the initial attack and occasionally i get another 'mini' attack a few days later.

If it's really bad, go back to the hospital, you may need stronger medication or you may have a chest infection or somthing like that.



I sometimes get chest pain with or after an exacerbation, its pesky and its a bit scary too. Hopefully you have had an ECG whilst you were in. If not or it gets any worse go back chuck and get it checked. Hope you soon feel better.

Has anyone had trouble with a portable neb - a Sony Green model am on my 2nd one in less than a month and its making me anxious when it conks and I'm not near a power supply. Thanks.


I get chest pains but its is either down to my old neck injury and when my asthma gets bad.

Love Carole x


i find that my chest pains happen the worse when i get a chest infection, cold or iv pushed myself too much in hockey.

I have had a cold for a few weeks and found that when i was lying down it felt like someone was pushing on my chest and i felt really uncomfortable but im ok now i was just really scared.


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