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Hi all this may seem a silly idea but if you look on the genral forum at poems there are alot of heart felt poems there. Would it not be a good idea to try and arrange a book of poems from this other asthma suffers who have not been blessed knowing AUK is outhere could get an insight of how we all feel. They wont feel alone and of course 100% of proceeds goes to asthma uk. I think its a great idea helping people whilst helping AUK.

Take care



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Much as we'd love to be in a position to publish these fantastic poems, I'm afraid that myself, PeakSteve, EmH and NutBug are all simply volunteers in this role; as such we have no power to influence decisions like this. I'm afraid you'll have to go further up the chain in Asthma UK! I'd have a look at the contacts page and email someone direct as I don't think many of the employed AUK crew check these boards, apart from Webeditor of course.


Hi Kerry Anne ... I started the Poem Thread... still hoping to get more contributions and then hopefully next year.... approach some publishers to see about Going to Print... ! a long way away from that stage yet... so again .... to all AUK members....

Please put pen to paper or press on the keyboard keys ...and write down your love/hate/ and everything in between about your asthma/meds/docs/forum etc etc.... the more you post ...the more we can educate and inform the NON Asthma world out there and at the same time ... demonstrate to all those of us that live with asthma .... that none of us ever needs to feel alone or that no one hears our voice (wheezy voice)

So help us raise some more funds for AUK and write your own words down.

Lets hope that the AUK POEMS BOOK comes to pass ... is up to you now !!!

Cathbear - Any help would so welcomed... and I do hope you find someone amongst your contacts!



Hi Susy

thanks for the info. I was just reading some of the poems yesterday and thought how good they were. Thats when a little light bulb came to top of my head. so like Susy said put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and get them poems written. and fingers crossed one day we could help AUK.

Take care all



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