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I have had my new pump around 4 weeks now and already on to my 6th battery has anyone else had this problem it tells you on pump if you press info how much battery is left and it starts at 99% and goes down to 70% in 1st few hrs I thought it was the battries themselves but i always check the best before date if noone else is having this problem please let me know and i will phone ward33 were I got it from to get it replaced bring back my graesby anyday lol thanks xxx

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Hey kerry-anne

I dont have this kind of pump but I just had a look for one and I think it must use more power because unlike the graseby it has the little info screen on it. Just a guess really, My graseby batteries last weeks!

Can you use rechargeable batteries more cheaper in the long run?

Or you could ring the company and ask them how long a battery is suppose to last?

Sorry cannot be of more help.



My Graseby battery only got changed twice in 3 years??????? xx


I change my Graseby batteries every month when I remember.

Can you get the batteries from the supplies peeps who supply syriges?

I used to but now stock up in IKEA.

What sort of batteries does it take. You may need to be aware of using rechargeables though..

New pumps with more dispalys may use more 'juice'.



Hi Kate my mckinley takes the same battries as graseby ive used duracel and ever ready and no i cant get my battries from the hospital they will only supply me with syringes and needles and sof-sets my dad gets me my battries from his work so im not paying for them but still check bbd its not the point of paying for them its just that thay dont even last a whole week and i havent got a pouch for this one as its to big anyone got any ideas on were i can get one i just have to put it in handbag at min and its a nusance thanks for replys xx


would it go in a bum bag? or an across the shoulder bag? what does manufactor suggest you use?

Rechargeable batteries have a lower wattage


hi penny it wont fit into a bum bag so ive got it in an over the shoulder bag would rather have one that went round my waist again are you any gud with a sowing needle lol and i dont use rechargable never have hope your on the mend xxx


Oh dear, I mentioned to Debbie at the RBH that my black strap had broken again and i am sure she told me that the RBH are switching to the McKinley pump, she said I would not like it cos it is bigger...

On the plus side as I have a pump for my tummy problems I will need to buy new bigger bags!


i just wish i could find a pouch big enough for this monster size pump


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