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I just thought id tell you all this so embarrasing. I posted about my hip a while ago my hip keeps popping and got some great advice well I went to see the con on 1/2/08 and on my letter it said to wear a pair of shorts so of course I did but when I got there he asked me to take them off did his examination and said hes never seen it were someone can make there hip pop aswell so he asked me if it was ok if some students came in and had a look No problem I thought but when he walked out I realised I had my knickers on inside out I could of just crawled into a corner then all these students came in what a knightmare be checking my knickers next time I go xxx

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i sympathise Kerry-anne. when i had to go A&E recently in ambulance i had my pjs on and dressing gown, hubby couldnt find slippers so put heavy black shoes on me!! when i was better and we went home in the car, had to walk thru hosp and car park in sleeping gear , hoping i didnt see anyone as i work there!!!! Also have got used to checking bra when going to gp for check up as he kept checking my chest - must go shopping for undies!!!!



I have to have phyisio (excuse the spelling) and beleive me I will be checking and double checking everything I have got on xxx


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