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Hi all need a bit of advice by friday. I made an emergency appointment to see Dr yesterday and in an emergency you see whoever I saw a different Dr than mine and she started having a go at me telling me am in hospital more than she thinks I need to. She said ahe wants to see me at Drs surgery as soon as attack starts I tried to explain that im a brittle type two and her words were ""every asthmatic gets a warning usally days before"" and I told her 99% of the time it doesnt work like that for me I can hardly get to my door let alone surgery which is 15 mins away in taxi everytime I go in am always needing iv mag hydrocortisone and all other magic potions they use and they always say ive done the right thing by going in when I did and have ive been in itu 14 times and hdu 4 times but she has made me paranoid about getting help ive cried a thousand tears since yesterday cause now I dont know if I am doing the rt thing or what the Dr said is the right thing MY DR is fantastic but after seeing this other one im questioning myself should i just stay home and hope for the best or go in ive got to make up my mind wether to make a complaint about her by friday but im stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea I dont honestly know what to do anymore sorry bit long take care all xxxxx

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Hey!! Doctors shouldnt be able to make you feel like that...definatly follow your instincts, with both the complaint and your asthma, you are the best person to know how you feel, what you can manage and how far you can push youself and if a doctor is making you feel so poopey then they should be made aware of it, even if it prevents them from causing distress with anyone else...

Dont let them get you down, there not worth it and you wouldnt want to make yourself feel worse!!



Aww, sorry to hear this. Has happened to me too - see a different doctor who basically doesnt quite understand and tells you what THEY think. I didnt complain about them - basically because I didnt want to get worked up. I would tell your own GP about what's happened and see what s/he says.

Next time you need to make an emergency appointment check which doctor is available, and say you dont want to see this particular one.


Your poor thing that would have made me angry and upset too.

I think the dr showed a worrying lack of knowledge on brittle asthma and severe asthma in general. I think some people do get some warning and a hospital admission can SOMETIMES be adverted by starting pred early but this is not always the case. I've fortunately not had many admissions but I know I've had very little warning on occasion or more times than not I've already started oral steroids anyway.

I'd normally say wait for a few days until you are feeling calmer before making a decision, but sadly you can't. Instead of making a formal complaint perhaps writing or speaking to your own GP is a good idea. You could ask them to speak to this doctor and explain about your asthma and how they upset you yesterday.

Hope you are feeling a bit better soon- can I recommend a nice cup of tea and a small bar of your favourite chocolate?




Thankyou for your replies and kind words of support In my heart of hearts I know I am doing the right thing when I go in as the last time I went in I stopped breathing in the ambulance for couple of seconds and that was within mins of my asthma going blip and me calling ambulance it was just sole destroying the way she spoke to me it was if she was trying to say I enjoy been in hospital erm no not at all has she ever tried breathing through a penny straw it not nice sometimes I think some people not just Drs dont think before they speak but ive calmed down and had a think and I am not going to put in a complaint about her im just going to see my own Dr from now on or if emergency anyone but her again thankyou and Bryony good idea about nice choccy bar yummy in my tummy take care all xxxxxxx <3 xxxxx P.S ive also spoke to a very kind and helpful asthma nurse from AUK earlier today so that helped alot to xxx


Kerry-Anne, Of course you were doing absolutely the right thing in going to hospital - you know your own health and also what's on offer. My experience of surgeries are that as soon as it's anything serious they pack you off to A&E anyway!!

Hope ur feeling a bit better about things now.


I would say that it's very clear that this particular GP was wrong in this instance. She's absolutely right that lots of people with asthma do have some warning (hours or days), but some attacks just don't work like that, and if you have sudden onset of severe attacks you need to be in hospital, and quickly.

Please don't doubt yourself- it sounds to me as though you've done exactly the right thing by going to hospital. If it means that you get admitted a lot, then that's rubbish for you, but I would take it as an indication of the severity and unstable nature of your asthma, rather than anything else.

In my opinion, it would be helpful to speak to your own GP about it, whether that is a formal complaint or an informal discussion. It might be a good opportunity for your own GP to prepare a protocol to be stored in your GP records explaining a bit about your particular 'brand' of brittle asthma, and stating what you should do (or what advice they should give you) in an emergency. If they spoke to the other doctors in the practice about it, that would be great for you (and other atypical asthmatics) because it would be educating all the other GPs as well as providing written instructions for you when things go pear-shaped.

I hope that you feel confident that you're doing the right thing, and that you're responsible and sensible,and should be very proud of yourself!



Ditto what Wishes and others say. You know your asthma, and after so many Costa admissions, you know how it affects you and what you need to do to stay safe.

If it helps, write a letter to get your feelings out but don't send or post it yet, the writing itself is helpful. Def. speak to your regular GP for reassurance, and yes, eat chocolate - that's the best cure for everything. :)


I'd say they should prescribe chocolate on the NHS, but with prescription charges what they are it's cheaper to get it from the supermarket for most people...though on prepay maybe not!

Definitely agree with what others have said. I hate the way some doctors who have never seen you before wade in and make declarations like that without really knowing anything about you or your case. I have had that happen to me before and it really annoys me as it seems so arrogant; in your case it could also be pretty dangerous.

Hope you get to see your usual GP soon and they can have a quiet word with this other dr.


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