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Who does Action Plans for you is it your DR or is it your Con want to get one drawn up so I can avoid A N E if possible and go straight to MAU if this is possible what does an action plan intale any advice would be great as im seeing my Dr on 11th november and con on 21st november and dont know who I should put it to thank you in advance Kerry-Anne xxxxx

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  • I have an action plan agreed by my consultant which my respiratory nurse oversees and updates as necessary and an emergency admission letter to accompany the 'Go to A&E / call ambulance' stage of my action plan from my consultant.

  • Asthma nurse at surgery did mine.

  • I only see asthma nurse now and again so who do I ask con or nurse????? x

  • My asthma team and con did mine at resp clinic xxx

  • My asthma nurse completed mine after conferring with my consultant. It helps me to decide whether i can stay at home on medicines or have to go to A + E when necessary. Ask the doctor at your visit okay.


  • For an ""in-hospital"" action plan you need to speak to your hospital respiratory consultant. A basic home action plan can done by the nurses at your GP clinic.

  • kerry-anne go see your Asthma nurse at the GP's and they will make a plan with you and explain how it works.

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