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Just a quick question I am on oramorph 20mg 4 x daily and mst 2 x daily amitriptaline 50mg 1 x daily and dyhdrocodiene 2 x 30mg 4 times daily and still in alot of pain can anyone recommend were i go from here its due to back pain and arthritis throughout my limbs I know im on a lot of painkillers oh and diazepam 7mg x 2 daily has anyone tried the tens machiene and had pain free times with it any advice would be very very gratfully recivied xxxx

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hi kerry ann

I have asthma and also OA in all my joints and sometimes I Feel so down

Been on every med out and all the ones you are on

At the moment take tramadol 150 x2.amitriptyline 50 x2 and arcoxia 90 codamols,glucosamax and adcal d3 and now asthma meds.

keep warm and dont stay in one place to long as you get stiff.

I walk with a stick and legs and hips and back all out of line.

try a tens machine it really does help and can keep it on all day.

make sure its one that can go for ages till you turn it off as the cheaper ones work on a 15 minute timer.where as mine will stay on till I turn it off.

Welcome pm me any time love GLYNIS XXX


I have one, and only ever used it for sports type injuries. Some women use them to ease pain or even block the pain during labour and my sports massage therapist recommends them, so you have nothing to loose, just watch the health advice on them, no pace makers, or placing the electrodes across the heart, or near the genitals (now why would anyone want to!) also not to be used if you have muscle damage, unexplained lumps or swellings. and obviously not in water and it says bed, but presume ok if not asleep.

They have come down in price recently, but you get what you pay for and the better ones come with more programs, or functions that allow you to alter frequency and time. The frequency is basically how much vibration you get, high frequencies feel tingly, but the low ones feel like a good chopping type massage.

addendum : depending on if you get a single or dual channel model, each channel can only basically work on one muscle or closely grouped muscles at a time.


another option, is heat therapy, something like these my massage therapist suggested them a few years ago. Alternative is electric heat pads for long periods of use or more expensive option is infra-red lamps etc.

Have you tried you hospital, I know a few years ago when I was in the orthopedic dept of my local hospital, they had TENS units to loan, worth a try before you spend money.


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