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oh my god people my hair has gone blonde red black and brown I will fill you in my normal colour is brown and i decided to go red I didnt like that so I put a black on after a couple of washes the red started to come back through so my lovely mam told me to put a blonde on she said it would just lighten everything up a bit. Well now my roots are blonde and brown the top of my hair is red and the back is black. I cant go to a hair dresser like this any suggestions people its my birthday on thursday and im supposed to be going out with friends and family I thought of a bic razor then thought again everytime I see myself in a mirror I just start laughing hey its different I suppose lol xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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same thing happened to me last sunday and i didnt know wt to do then my nephew whos a hairdressers told me to put a black dye on and thet wud darken everything, so i put a shop bought black dye on and i am bac to normal, i will never try a red dye again i love my hair black now. hope this helps jill


Did you get your hair sorted? I once bought henna from lush forgetting i had blonde highlights - all my blonde ended up green and i was a poor student at the time so had to wait ages to go to the hairdressers! itlooked awful! was different tho!


Hiya I did get my hair sorted thanks I got a dark brown and kept everything crossed I think im going to start leaving my hair alone xxxxxxxxxxx


your lucky! I've banned myself from doing my own hair! And normally i end up ruining my bathroom too! lol.



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