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Hi All just quick question Ive just got out of costa del nhs and have been put on 30mg pred on slow reduction over the next 3 weeks but they dont seem to be doing there job this time round im not ill enough to need an addmission was just wondering could my body have got used to me having them all the time ive only been in 5 times this year which is not alot compared to some of you so do you think I need to start off on a higher dose of pred and slowly reduce or just keep hoping these ones start to do there job asap taking things very slowly and have told myself I must stay indoors today and just chillax hoping to get to see gp on tuesday see what she says to thanks everyone xxxx

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'only' 5 times :O thats a lot! *hugs*

Could you phone your consultant, or asthma nurse and ask about having your pred raised? saying that, i guess it would be a bit difficult being easter weekend, so maybe a walk in center?

Normally if I don't feel my preds having any affect on me i need another 10mg added. At the moment I'm on 60mg as I've just come out of hospital where I was for 6 days after having an attack, then my pred will go down 5mg every three days untill i reach my maintanance dose, however if my symptoms get worse i have the flexibility to put it up 5mg. Perhaps you could talk about doing something simular with you con?

I'm not sure this will help.....sorry

I hope your feeling much much better soon :)

best of luck ally x


Kerry-Anne I am afraid you are going to have to discuss this with your Dr's. Some of us do play around with our pred dosage but only within certain parameters. Please consult your team before altering anything and if you get worse please go back in.


thanks for replys like i said im hoping to get in to see my gp on tuesday and id never dream of messing with my pills unless medically qualified person told me to ie my gp asthma con ect and finally got mkinley pump


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