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I currently get higher rate mobility for asthma brittle bone arthritis and lots of other things I have been asked to fill in the forms for the care component part I have and sent them off and I have been told that if the dla think I should not get the care part they could also stop my mobility part of dla could anyone help me and let me know how true this is as I use my mobility to get taxis ect with not been able to walk to far and if they stop that i might aswell just give up id be a prisoner in my flat and I know I couldnt cope with that dont care if i dont get care part just need to have mobility part to live can someone please help and tell me how true this is thankyou from a very upset Kerry-anne xxxxx

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Hey kerry-anne

About 4 years ago I was just receiving the care component at the lower rate, when I left work I decided to reapply and they decided that I wasnt entitled to anything at all! I had been receiving the care component since 1992.

So yes they could but I appealed and won in the end. But I now only receive higher rate mobility no care.


Thankyou claire for your reply I like i said before get higher rate mobility and because of my asthma arthritis ect to long to list i get taxis everywhere so if i lost that my life would be just one big prison in my mind and my flat as i use my dla to visit friends and family as would not be able to walk there even a bus only drops me off so far so still struggle im just praying things turn out ok take care


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