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I am a Health Promotion Officer at Asthma UK, and I am working on a project investigating the use of peer support groups for people with severe asthma. We have put together a survey for people with severe asthma, asking for your thoughts about peer support. Please could you take the time to complete the short survey. Click the link below

Many Thanks

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  • It has been pointed out that the below link does not work. Please try this one below.


  • Chloe, it may not have worked as the forum software inserts a space onto any longer links. You can shorten by using something like tinyurl,


    Edit to add: Thanks Kate for the tinyurl, couldn't do that at the time, there was a space inserted when copying and pasting the link after the = removed this and it worked fine


    Tinyfied for you!

    Works and I have done the survey earlier!



  • Thanks Kate the tinyfied version worked!

  • This sounds like a great idea, but I just wondered why it is limited to those with severe asthma? Surely those with less symptoms, go through similar problems/require similar support.

  • booboo i wondered why it was only for severe asthmatics too - have you done the survey? I'm not severe so i've not it but did wonder what the questions were going to be.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for your interest in this survey. As you have pointed out it is targeted at people with severe asthma. This is because research has identified that people with severe asthma have specific needs, and we are investigating how best to support those needs.


  • The link just will not work for me.

  • See the tiny url link below.... that should work.

    (Chloe, can you add it into your original post please? Ta!)

  • Done it....interesting

  • I have changed it- thanks Kate.

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