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2 year old suffering and nothing I can do to help, should I send him to live with my folks?


My two year old is really suffering, he wakes up really wheezy and seems to get worse everyday. We have a damp house, the three children are all in one room which seems to make it more damp as there is more condensation. When he sleeps in our bed he's almost as bad as our room is damp also. We can't move as we can't sell our house. The only thing I can think of to do is send him to stay with my folks. They have enough room for him and I hope that it will alleviate his symptoms and send him back to only having attacks when he has a cold or manages to steal something he's allergic to. As it is he seems a little worse everyday and I get so worried about him. He's not formally diagnosed but he has an inhaler and has been hospitalised three times in the past two months. Is there anything I can do I've heard about pillows and stuff that can help but I don't know much about asthma or anything like that.

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aww! Poor little man x Could you try a humidifier? Not sure if Piraton would help!xxx Would ask yor GP .


I think a dehumidifier would be more appropriate....


I would certainly recommend a dehumidifier for his bedroom - it takes the moisture out of the air so it will not be so damp. Also, go back to GP and explain what is happening and see what else can be done medicines-wise.


i understand that you couldn't sell the house, but could you apply for a house swap with something around your area?? a dehumidifier may deffinately help :)


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