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Do i need a stronger inhaler?

Hello, i am new to this whole Asthma thing and I have a few questions. I take my inhalor every morning and night, and half way through the day, yet sometimes I have really random bouts of breathlessness and a tight chest and its quite distressing as I can't concentrate on anyhting else but getting my breathing back to normal. I am currently taking Salamol Easi-Breath Inhalor, Im just wondering if I need something to prevent this happening?

Any answers to help me will be a big help.

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I'm guessing you're really new to asthma, so at the moment just relying on a reliever is the first stage and the docs will see how much you use and hopefully you're recording on a daily basis how many puffs you use, and symptoms with hopefully peakflows, but not always. Next step would be to add a long term preventer in the form of an inhaled steroid, which you take daily.


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